Makita XRU15Z 36V String Trimmer Review

Makita XRU15Z is a 36V cordless string trimmer with outer rotor brushless motor with direct-drive system – making it the most powerful weed wacker made by the manufacturer. Naturally expectations are quite high – is it as powerful as a gas powered string trimmer without sacrificing advantages of electric one? Let’s find out!


Makita XRU15Z has a cutting swath of 15 inches. It comes with 0.080″ twisted quiet line loaded in the head from factory but original head is also compatible with 0.090″ line.

It has speed 3 speed settings: low (3,500 RPM), medium (5,300 RPM) and high (6,500 RPM). You can also use Automatic Torque Drive Technology which automatically chooses the best speed setting depending on workload – it chooses the lowest speed and increases it if it starts to bog down. Auto system works pretty well but isn’t always a better solution than manually choosing the speed setting.

So how well does it cut? Amazingly well! It’s one of the most powerful if not the most powerful cordless string trimmer on the market today. Even the slowest speed is quite powerful and will deal with most stuff without effort. Only when you come across the thickest stuff you will medium or high speeds necessary – and even then it handles it without any major issues.

Some gas string trimmers are more powerful though, however Makita XRU15Z seems to handle everything you throw at it so you can’t complain it’s not powerful enough.


Makita XRU15Z can be turned into edger and works great as one. It doesn’t bog down when it hits dirt.

It has reverse speed – just push “R” button for reverse direction in case something is stuck in the head.

Safety system is very simple to use – squeeze the two triggers (located opposite to each other making them easy and simple to access with one hand) and press the power button to start the string trimmer.


Makita tools are usually built pretty well and this isn’t exception. Unit feels well made and sturdy.


Makita XRU15Z runs on two 18V batteries. The most common ones are 5.0Ah are they last 40-90 minutes on full charge depending on what kind of stuff you are cutting.

Batteries have indicator to show roughly how much juice is left (4 bars).


Makita XRU15Z is very well balanced and weighs 8.6 – 10.0 lbs depending on attachments and batteries – it’s not the lightest cordless weed wacker but it’s lighter than gas powered ones.

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Makita XRU15Z is A LOT more quiet than a gas powered ones. Despite being so powerful it’s even quieter than many electric string trimmers for some reason despite them being less powerful.


Makita XRU15Z is a serious contender for “best cordless string trimmer” title. It’s powerful, comfortable to use and has great battery life.

Makita XRU15Z Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless 18V X2 (36V) LXT String Trimmer Details/Specs:

  • Type: Electric (cordless/battery powered)
  • Cutting swath: 15”
  • Line diameter: 0.080”/0.090”
  • Speed modes: 3
    • Low: 3,500 RPM
    • Medium: 5,300 RPM
    • High: 6,500 RPM
  • Weight:
    • 7.4 lbs (without batteries)
    • 8.6 to 10.0 lbs (depending on batteries and attachments)

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