Magma Products ChefsMate A10-803 Connoisseur Series Gas Grill Review

Magma Products ChefsMate Connoisseur Series is a popular boat gas grill with 162 square inch cooking area. There are more affordable units available for sale so is ChefsMate worth the extra money?

Grilling with Magma Products ChefsMate A10-803 Connoisseur Series

Magma ChefsMate gas grill heats up fast and can get very hot. It grills well. Meat comes out juicy, sears fairly well, etc.

162 square inch cooking surface is large enough to cook for 2 people at a time, maybe 3 at most. This model doesn’t have warming rack which is something some consumers might want to have.

As far as gas consumption goes the BTU input for this grill is just 11,200 making it fairly efficient – it consumes less gas than many other similarly sized grills. Despite being energy efficient it has no problems getting quite hot.

Magma ChefsMate Connoisseur Series has heat flux index of ~69. Generally a good rating is considered to be 80 and above as anything lower than that often indicates that the grill is underpowered. This is not the case for Magma ChefsMate as the reason why it’s under recommended rating of 80+ is because it’s quite efficient instead.


Magma offers nearly 30 different mounting solutions. They are fairly well designed and to the job just fine. The grill itself is well balanced so motion doesn’t cause it to move around.


Magma ChefsMate is made of 100% 18-8 mirror polished stainless steel. The overall quality is good. It’s not exceptional but it’s a bit better than most less expensive units.

Clean up

Clean up is quite easy because all the parts (i.e. 3 part grill, grease tray, reflector, etc.) can be taken out in mere seconds so it’s very convinient. The parts are also fairly compact and will fit most boat sinks.


Magma ChefsMate features full length stainless steel handle, fold-away legs, lockable lid, swiveling valve

Possible issues

Some consumers have received the grill with defective parts but to be fair this can happen with any product.

Some consumers also reported burners and/or reflector not lasting as long as you would expect but this could vary from unit to unit.


You can purchase spare parts if something breaks which is a huge advantage over many other grills as if something breaks you don’t have to replace the whole grill.


Overall Magma ChefsMate is a decent grill but it does feel a little bit overpriced. There are less expensive models (not most of them but some) that are quite close when it comes to quality, functionality and features.

Magma Products ChefsMate A10-803 Connoisseur Series Gas Grill Specifications:

  • Total cooking area: 162 square inches (1045 square centimeters)
  • Burners: 1
  • BTU/hr input: 11,200
  • Cooking Grate Dimensions
    • Inches: 9” x 18”
    • Centimeters: 22.9 x 45.7 cm
  • Fuel Supply: 1 lb propane tank
  • Materials
    • Exterior: Mirror Polished 18-8 Stainless Steel
    • Interior: 18-8 Stainless Steel
    • Cooking Grate: Stainless Steel
    • Handle: Tubular Stainless Steel
    • Bowl: Double-lined Stainless Steel
    • Burner: Stainless Steel
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 22.125” x 11.5” x 10.375” inches (with valve attached, lid closed and legs folded)
  • Weight: 14.5 lb (6.58 kg)

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