Magma Cabo A10-703 Adventurer Marine Series Grill Review

Magma Cabo Adventurer Marine Series is a grill that’s mainly designed to be used on a boat but works for other outdoor activities well. It has 9’’ by 18’’ cooking surface that’s 162 square inches large. Magma Cabo is compatible with 1lb. disposable propane fuel canisters.

Grilling with Magma Cabo Grill Adventurer Marine Series

Overall Magma Cabo cooks well but you do have to pay attention as it sometimes runs a little hot. It heats up fast and as long as you know what you are doing you will certianly have delicious results.

It’s large enough to cook for 4 to 6 people so unless you have really big boat it won’t be too small. If you could improve one thing about this grill it would be the drip tray – it’s just too small. In some situation it might overfill so be aware.


Magma grill are known for their quality and Cabo Adventurer Marine Series is no exception. It’s made of 100% 18-9 mirror Polished stainless steel and feels quite solid for its size and type. Handle is plastic however which is a slight downside.

Is it super heavy duty grill? Certainly not, but the quality and sturdiness is level above most grills of its type from other manufacturers.

With that being said some consumers have reported issues with this model so it seems that some of the units might suffer from lack of quality control. Some have had issues with flame, some had issues with bad welding, others reported parts breaking off.

To be fair most consumers are satisfied with this grill and haven’t experienced any of the previously mentioned issues however it seems that in some cases there might be some.


Magma Cabo Adventurer Marine Series grill has fold-away legs, lockable lid with draw tight latch, locking side grease tray and snap-out radiant plate.

Magma sells ~20 different mounting systems for this model so you should be able to find a good solution for any situation.

Clean up

All the parts are easy to take out which makes clean up overall fairly simple.


Taking all things into consideration Magma Cabo is fairly good grill of its type for the money. Is there room for improvement? Yes, but that would likely make it a lot more expensive.

Magma Cabo A10-703 Adventurer Marine Series Grill Specifications:

  • Cooking surface dimensions: 9’’ x 18’’ inches
  • Cooking area: 162 square inches
  • BTU/hr: 11,200
  • Fuel Supply: 1lb. propane fuel canister (not included)
  • Material: 100% 18-9 mirror Polished stainless steel
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 23.375” x 11.75” x 10.125” inches (lid and legs closed)
  • Weight: 11.81 lb / 5.36 kg

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