Lord Eagle CX-6661 Electric 400W Hand Mixer Review

Lord Eagle CX-6661 is electric hand mixer with peak power output of 400 Watts. It was released only last year but has already become one of the most popular hand mixers for households. Does it deserve to be so popular?


Lord Eagle CX-6661 is powerful especially for the money. It can slow down a bit if you mix tougher stuff but it won’t be issue for most and it also never stalls. It manages to mix stuff to great consistency and texture.

Lord Eagle CX-6661 features 5 different speed settings as well a ‘’Turbo’’ button which you can press for slight extra boost in power without changing speed setting if necessary. It doesn’t seem to work if you already use the fastest speed setting or if it does then increase in power is not noticeable. It likely uses all the power already it has if you are on 5th speed setting.

Lord Eagle CX-6661 is light and easy to use.


Lord Eagle CX-6661 is not an expensive hand mixer and you can feel it. Don’t be mistaken the quality is not bad but there is slight cheap feeling to mixer when you hold it. It’s to be expected from such inexpensive appliance though and doesn’t negatively impact the performance in any way. Lord Eagle CX-6661 is a hand mixer for home use not professional after all.


Lord Eagle CX-6661 comes with 5 attachments – 1 balloon for eggs and creams, 2 beaters and 2 dough hooks for whipping dough. They are made of stainless steel and are easy to attach and detach with a single press of a button.


Lord Eagle CX-6661 is a good inexpensive hand mixer that has all the power and functionality you will likely need for home use.

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