LEDKINGDOMUS CEETRB-0004 19 cu. ft. Rooftop Cargo Bag Review

LEDKINGDOMUS CEETRB-0004 rooftop cargo bag offers more storage space than most cargo bags while being less expensive than most. Sounds too good to be true but is it?


LEDKINGDOMUS CEETRB-0004 rooftop cargo bag offers 19 cubic feet of storage capacity – 4 cu. ft. more than most cargo bags.


LEDKINGDOMUS CEETRB-0004 rooftop cargo bag is made of 600D oxford fabric. Inner layer of fabric is coated with PVC and PU glue (which is waterproof) for water resistance.

Cargo bag seems to be durable and doesn’t show any signs of wear after few hundred miles of use.


LEDKINGDOMUS CEETRB-0004 rooftop cargo bag is certainly somewhat water resistant but it’s not 100% waterproof. Although it’s unlikely any water will get inside in light rainfall it might in heavier one.


LEDKINGDOMUS CEETRB-0004 rooftop cargo bag has Velcro flaps over zipper for water resistance as well Velcro flap restrainers to prevent straps from flapping.

Cargo bag can be folded and stored in included storage bag.

It also comes with protective mat to prevent damage to paint and also with a lock so you can secure your belongings although it’s not a 100% fail-proof method as if someone really wanted to steal your items it wouldn’t be too hard to get inside the bag as long as thieves have enough time and there are no witnesses.


LEDKINGDOMUS CEETRB-0004 is simple to install and works whether you have roofrack or not. It also can be installed in pickup truck bed. Instructions shows steps for all installation types.

Bag stays securely put however you might have to retighten straps once in a while.

Noise and MPG

This bag will increase road noise and fuel consumption – not by tremendous amounts but more than more expensive cargo bags or boxes that are more aerodynamically designed.


When fully loaded LEDKINGDOMUS CEETRB-0004 measures approximately 47 inches long, 35 inches wide and 20 inches high.

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Although LEDKINGDOMUS CEETRB-0004 isn’t completely waterproof but it does offers lots of storage capacity for reasonable pricing and seems to be well made for the money. This probably isn’t something that will last years of regular use but if you are looking for budget priced storage bag that’s probably not your intention anyway. Yes, more expensive bags are better but this one does offer very good value for money.

LEDKINGDOMUS CEETRB-0004 19 cu. ft. Rooftop Cargo Details/Specs:

  • Storage capacity: 19 cu. ft.
  • External dimensions: 47″ x 35″ x 20″ (L x W x H)
  • Material: 600D oxford fabric with PVC and PU glue coating
  • Package contents:
    • 1 x LEDKINGDOMUS CEETRB-0004 rooftop cargo carrier bag
    • 6 x Safety hook
    • 6 x Truck bungee hook
    • 2 x Zipper puller
    • 1 x Lock
    • 1 x Storage bag
    • 1 x Instructions

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