Lanbo LW177S 171 Bottle Built-in Compressor Wine Cooler Review

Lanbo LW177S wine cooler can hold up to 171 bottles. It has adjustable thermostat that can be set from 41℉ to 64℉ (5°C to 17.778°C). It performs well and is actually quieter than most wine coolers.

Unfortunately it’s designed to hold standard 750ml Bordeaux bottles. Bigger type of bottles like Pinot or Syrah won’t fit unless you remove shelves in-between which greatly reduces storage capacity.


Lanbo LW177S wine cooler has touchscreen controls who are responsive and intuitive. It has 4 buttons:

  1. “Set” button – with each press increases temperature by 1℉ or 1°C (depending which temperature scale you have chosen)
  2. “Light” button: turns on the white light in the cabinet, however it automatically turns off after 10 minutes (to protect wine according to manufacturer).
  3. “°C/℉” button: switches between Celsius and Fahrenheit temperature scales
  4. “On/Off” button: turns wine cooler on or off. You have to hold it for 3 seconds.

It has two displays :

  1. To show temperature you set
  2. To show the actual temperature in the chamber/cabinet

It also has “Run” light which is indicator that compressor is working. When compressor is operating the red light is on, when it’s not – it’s off.


Lanbo LW177S wine cooler is very well built and really beautiful. Shelves are made of beech wood and are gorgeous. It also features double-pane tempered glass which protect bottles from UV rays and outside air. Handle is made of stainless steel.

It’s ETL certified.

Other features

It has large front vent and carbon filter. It can also be used as freestanding wine cooler or installed as built-in due to smartly designed front vent. It also has adjustable feet.

Comes with 2 keys that lets you lock or unlock the door of wine cooler.


Lanbo LW177S measures 71.3 inches high, 23.4 inches wide and 26.8 inches deep.


Lanbo LW177S is a very beautiful and well made wine cooler however it won’t suit everyone’s needs.

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