KUPPET KUWC-0400 36-Bottle Wine Cooler Review

KUPPET KUWC-0400 is compressor cooled wine cooler that can hold up to 36 bottles of wine. It’s equipped with adjustable thermostat which allows you to adjust temperature from 40°F to 50°F.


KUPPET KUWC-0400 cools down fast, isn’t too loud and definitely keeps your wine or other beverages cool. However it’s far from perfect. Temperature control is not accurate. Temperature inside the chamber tends to be couple degrees higher than what you set. Also temperature distribution is not even, top of the chamber tends to be warmer by couple degrees than bottom. At least temperature seems to stay pretty consistent over time.

These issues might not matter much if you simply want to keep inexpensive wine bottles cool but this wine cooler is definitely not for storing expensive wine.


It will be really hard to actually fit 36 wine bottles inside KUPPET KUWC-0400 wine cooler or even impossible depending on shape and size of them. Realistically expect to fit around 30.


KUPPET KUWC-0400 features LCD display that shows set temperature (not actual temperature inside the chamber) and touch-sensitive buttons: “Up” and “Down” for temperature adjustment and “bulb” button for turning interior light on or off and unlocking control panel.

Controls illuminate quite brightly so you might want to keep this wine cooler outside of your bedroom.


KUPPET KUWC-0400 wine cooler doesn’t have front venting so it’s not suitable for built-in application. Use this wine cooler only as a freestanding unit.


KUPPET KUWC-0400 is an inexpensive wine cooler for its capacity so it’s no surprise there are some shortcomings. If you need accurate temperature control and even temperature distribution all across the chamber this is not a wine cooler for you. However if you need something that’s inexpensive and keeps your beverages cool without a need for them to be at specific temperature this might do.

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