KUPPET HZB-45 100lbs/24h Commercial Ice Maker Review

KUPPET HZB-45 freestanding commercial ice maker can make up to 100 lbs (45 kg) of ice cubes or about 1 pound every 15 minutes.

It uses environmentally friendly yet high performing R290 3.35Oz/95g refrigerant which is non-toxic and has 0 ozone depletion potential – even EVA (Environmental Protection Agency) recommends it for commercial use.

Ice production

It makes 45 ice cubes per batch. They are square shaped and don’t melt fast. Each batch takes 11 to 16 minutes to be made – you can adjust batch cycle time to increase or decrease thickness of ice cubes.

About 33 pounds (15 kg) of ice cubes fits it ice compartment. Ice compartment is not refrigerated however it’s well insulated so although made ice cubes will melt there they will melt slowly.

Ice maker should be used in ambient (air) temperature between 50°F to 110°F (10°C to 43°C) and use water that’s between 41°F to 95°F (5°C to 35°C) otherwise it might not work as intended.

Be warned: it’s a loud ice maker. Not too loud for commercial use but if you buy it for home use you or your family might find it irritating.

Control panel

KUPPET HZB-45 control panel features LCD display and 4 buttons.

LCD Display shows multitude on information including:

  • Air temperature
  • Ice making cycle time
  • Countdown until batch is finished
  • Error codes:
    • E1: means air temperature sensor is broken
    • E2: means there is something wrong with ice making process or refrigerant is leaking
  • Icon that lights up when ice maker is in self-cleaning mode
  • Water flow in and water shortage icon: If it lights up it means ice maker is short of water, if it’s blinking it means machine is in the water.
  • Set up display for ice-cycle time adjustment (and therefore thickness of ice cubes)
  • And more!

The 4 buttons are:

  • “Timer/Clean” button: Press it once to set up timer or hold for 5 seconds or more to start self-clean mode.
  • “On/Off” button: Mainly used for turning ice machine on or off but has multiple other functions including canceling timer or forcing machine to enter harvest mode.
  • “+” and “-” buttons: Used for adjusting multitude of things including time of ice making cycle, timer and more.

Dimensions and weight

KUPPET HZB-45 commercial ice maker measures 17.63 inches wide, 15.7 inches deep and 31.42 inches high. It weighs 61.7 pounds.


KUPPET HZB-45 is a very capable ice maker. It produces up to 4 pounds of ice cubes per hour and uses modern technologies like high-performance environmentally-friendly R290 refrigerant however it’s quite loud in operation.

It’s not the best ice maker in the world but for the money it’s an amazing one.

KUPPET HZB-45 Details/Specifications:

  • Type: Freestanding
  • Ice production capacity: up to 100 lbs/45 kg per 24 hours
  • Ice cubes per cycle/batch: 45
  • Time per batch: 11-26 minutes
  • Ice storage capacity: up to 33 lbs / 15 kg
  • Technical specifications:
    • Power supply voltage: 1-Phase, 110-120/60Hz
    • Refrigerant: R290,3.35Oz/95g
    • Foaming: C5H10
    • Ice making rating: 2.2 Amp
    • Ice harvest rating: 2.5 Amp
    • Required water temperature: 41°F to 95°F (5°C to 35°C)
    • Required ambient (air) temperature: 50°F to 110°F (10°C to 43°C)
  • Net weight: 61.7 lbs
  • Ice machine dimensions: 17.63” x 15.7” x 31.42” (W x D x H)
  • Package contents:
    • 1 x KUPPET HZB-45 Free Standing Ice Maker
    • 1 x Ice Scoop
    • 1 X Ice basket
    • 1 x Drain Hose
    • 1 x User Manual

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