KUPPET BCW-48A 19-Bottle Wine Cooler Review

KUPPET BCW-48A is a small compressor cooled wine cooler that stores up to 19 wine bottles. In reality there are some problems with this claim. Top rack is a bit short in height so even standard sized 750mL bottles are hard to insert. Shelves are also a bit shallow so longer bottles won’t fit, you can try to place them at an angle but this won’t work with all bottles. They are also a bit narrow so particularly wide bottles won’t fit either. You can realistically expect to fit 15-17 bottles of the most common shapes.

As an inexpensive wine cooler it works pretty well. Temperature is adjustable from 41°F to 64°F (5°C to 18°C). KUPPET BCW-48A cools down fast and keeps temperature constant reasonably well without significant fluctuations. It’s kinda loud during cooling cycle which it’s in often.

KUPPET BCW-48A can be used only as a freestanding appliance. It cannot be built-in, likely due to lack of front venting.


KUPPET BCW-48A has LCD display and adjustable thermostat. It also has buttons for switching between Celsius and Fahrenheit temperature scales as well for turning interior light on or off.


KUPPET BCW-48A features 4 metal shelves, two-layer glass door and blue interior light.


KUPPET BCW-48A is a decent option for those who are looking for an inexpensive wine cooler for inexpensive wine. It does have some flaws so if you have expensive wine, don’t want a noisy unit or are concerned about tight fit you should look for a more serious wine cooler preferably with front venting.

KUPPET BCW-48A 19-Bottle Wine Cooler Specifications:

  • Voltage: 220-240V
  • Frequency: 50Hz
  • Temperature range: 41°F to 64°F (5°C to 18°C)
  • Capacity: up to 19 wine bottles
  • Volume: 48 liters
  • Main material: Steel
  • Weight: 38.58 lbs
  • Certifications:
    • 3C
    • CB
    • CE
    • ROHS
    • ETL

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