KUPPET 2 in 1 Countertop Ice Maker Water Dispenser Review

KUPPET 2 in 1 ice maker is a multifunctional countertop device – it can make ice cubes and dispense water. It uses compressor refrigeration technology to make ice and can produce up to 26 pounds of ice cubes per 24 hours.

It can make bullet shaped ice cubes in 2 different sizes: a batch of 9 small sized ice cubes take around 6 minutes to be made whereas large – about 13. One batch of large ice cubes approximately fills 1 glass all the way up to the top (depends on glass size) so if you are having a party it might not be able keep up with the demand and you might have to make ice cubes beforehand and put them in freezer.

Ice cubes are pretty cool – they are soft and chewable.

Ice basket can hold only 1.3 pounds of ice cubes – which is less than similarly priced ice makers some of whom can hold a bit over 2 pounds, granted they are simpler units that don’t have water dispenser function.

Ice basket isn’t refrigerated so ice cubed will slowly melt if left there. Fortunately KUPPET 2 in 1 ice maker manages to produce them faster than they melt. Water from melted ice cubes goes back into water reservoir to be reused.

When it comes to water dispensing it does just that – the water isn’t even cold. It does the job but there’s nothing special about it.

Control panel

Control panel features easy-to-read LCD display. There are also 5 buttons:

  • “On/Off” button: Pretty self-explanatory – turns the device on or off.
  • “Timer” button: Sets up a timer
  • “Select” button: for selecting ice cube size
  • “Ice” button: for obtaining ice cubes
  • “Water” button: dispenses water


KUPPET 2 in 1 ice maker has automatic overflow protection. It will also warn you if more water needs to be added in water reservoir or if ice basket is full but you might miss them as they are displayed on LCD display. In such case it will stop the ice cube production so nothing bad will happen other than disappointing you when you find out it hasn’t been making ice cubes for a while.

It’s also ETL certified.


KUPPET 2 in 1 ice maker is a bit loud so be warned. Not a big deal for some but might be a deal breaker for others.


Some consumers have complained about the unit breaking and/or leaking after few months of use so perhaps it isn’t the most reliable unit however most of the consumers feedback is positive.


KUPPET 2 in 1 ice maker measures 9.9 inches wide, 15.3 inches deep and 14.2 inches high.


For the price this is a nice unit – obviously it’s not perfect but there aren’t really any better alternatives. However one thing is concerning – somewhat common complaints about reliability issues even if most consumer feedback is positive. If you are looking for a good ice maker machine you might also want to read our Best Portable/Countertop Ice Makers article.

KUPPET 2 in 1 Countertop Ice Maker Water Dispenser Specs/Details:

  • Type: Freestanding / Portable / Countertop
  • Ice output: up to 26 lbs per 24 hours
  • Ice cubes per batch: 9
  • Time per batch: 6-15 minutes
  • Ice cube size options: 2
  • Ice basket capacity: 1.3 lbs / 0.6 kg
  • Dimensions: 9.9” x 15.3” x 14.2” (W x D x H)
  • Voltage/Frequency: 115V/60Hz
  • Certifications:
    • ETL Certified

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