KRUPS BW801852 1.7-Liter Smart Temp Digital Kettle Review

KRUPS BW801852 is a smart electric kettle with 1.7 liter capacity, 5 temperature settings and 1500 watt heating element.

KRUPS BW801852

KRUPS BW801852 boils water pretty fast but it’s not much different than most of the other similarly priced electric kettles as most them have same capacity (1.7 liters) and equal heating power (1500 watts).

The main selling point of this electric kettle is its ability to warm up water so different temperatures. You can choose 5 different temperatures: 105°F, 155°F, 175°F, 195°F and 212°F. This feature is quite accurate with error margin of 2-3 degrees.

KRUPS BW801852 also has “keep warm” feature which will keep the water at the desired temperature for 30 minutes. There are some temperature fluctuations as heating element is activated when water temperature drops 6 to 10 degrees below the desired one. This is something that’s hard to complain about as essentially all electric kettles (at least similarly priced ones) will perform similarly in this regard.

One slightly annoying thing is that if you lift the kettle from the base the keep warm feature will turn off

One particularly cool feature that you don’t often see on other kettles is that KRUPS BW801852 actually has temperature readout and will show the current temperature of water at all times.

Annoying flaws

There are five slightly annoying things about this kettle though. First, if you lift the kettle off the base the keep warm feature will turn off so if you want it to keep the water at selected temperature you have to turn the feature on again.

Second, the lid could open a bit wider with a push of a button. After you push the lid button the lid is only partially opened making it hard to fill with water unless you open it even wider manually with your hand.

Third, you can’t really tell how much water there is inside the kettle. It doesn’t have a window with increments like some of the other models do. All you can do is open the lid and look inside to see how close water is to the max fill line.

Fourth, handle design could be improved to improve the weight distribution of the kettle when you hold it. It’s not that bad that you would say KRUPS BW801852 is uncomfortable to hold but it could be a bit more comfortable.

Fifth, the beeping. Perhaps this won’t be an issue to most but KRUPS BW801852 beeps all the time. You pressed a button? Beep. Water finished boiling? Beep. You are using keep warm feature? Every time heating element kicks in and brings water back to desired temperature the kettle beeps again.


KRUPS BW801852 electric kettle doesn’t have one-touch controls which makes it slightly less convenient to use that those who have. Instead you have to cycle through the temperature settings until you arrive at the one you need.

Overall controls could have been made a bit more convenient to use but it’s really nitpicking at this point. KRUPS BW801852 is easy to use even if some of the other models are slightly more so.


KRUPS BW801852 electric kettle feels well made. It has seamless stainless steel interior so the water doesn’t touch any plastic parts which is vital if you don’t want the water to get contaminated with possibly harmful chemicals.

Double wall design

KRUPS BW801852 has double wall design. What’s the benefit of having double wall design? Better insulation. Essentially the water in the kettle stays warm for longer and exterior is cooler to touch.

How well this feature works varies from kettle to kettle but on KRUPS BW801852 is works flawlessly. The exterior is safe to touch even if the water inside is boiling hot and water cools down really slowly (when compared to other electric kettles).


Despite some of the flaws KRUPS BW801852 is a really good electric kettle for the money. It feels well made, is quite attractive and temperature control is pretty accurate as well!

KRUPS BW801852 1.7-Liter Smart Temp Digital Kettle Specifications:

  • Capacity: 1.7 liters
  • Power: 1500W
  • Temperature settings: 5
    • 105°F
    • 155°F
    • 175°F
    • 195°F
    • 212°F

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