KOOLWOOM 120-Gallon Patio Outdoor Storage Deck Box Review

KOOLWOOM 120-Gallon patio outdoor storage deck box is made of resin which simply put is plastic.

It feels reasonably sturdy for plastic construction however body panels are thinner compared to Keter deck boxes which do feel sturdier.

According to manufacturer lid can support up to 176 lbs of weight. To put things in perspective Keter Sumatra 135-gallon deck box allegedly can support up to 770 lbs however we wouldn’t recommend you to try it since it sounds a bit too good to be true.


KOOLWOOM 120-Gallon deck box is definitely somewhat water resistant but water does occasionally get inside. Keter deck boxes are a lot more water resistant for sure.


KOOLWOOM 120-Gallon deck box can be locked with a padlock however it doesn’t come with one.


KOOLWOOM 120-Gallon deck box is very easy to assemble and doesn’t require any tools. Dissembling it however is very difficult in a sense that you will more than likely break some panels trying to do so therefore don’t expect every dissembling it unless you want to throw it out.

Weight and dimensions

KOOLWOOM 120-Gallon outdoor deck box measures 47.2 inches wide, 24.01 inches deep and 24.8 inches high. It weighs 26.4 lbs.


KOOLWOOM 120-Gallon deck box doesn’t offer great value for money when you can buy similarly sized Keter deck box for similar price which is sturdier, more water resistant and usually have more features than this KOOLWOOM storage box.

If you are looking for alternative a good one is Keter Westwood 150-gallon deck box – it offers more storage space and better quality at similar pricing.

KOOLWOOM 120-Gallon Deck Box Details/Specifications:

  • Material: Resin plastic
  • Storage capacity: 120 gallons / 16 cu. ft. / 454 liters
  • Weight: 26.4 lbs
  • Lid weight capacity: 176 lbs
  • Outside dimensions: 47.2″ x 24.01″ x 24.8″ (W x D x H)
  • Inside dimensions: 45″ x 22″ x 22.8″ (W x D x H)

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