KOIOS KE4088T-UL Electric Gooseneck Kettle Review

KOIOS KE4088T-UL is electric gooseneck kettle with 0.8 liter capacity. It’s equipped with 1200 watt heating element.


Despite having slightly less powerful heating element than most other similarly priced electric kettles (they typically have 1500W) KOIOS KE4088T-UL warms up water very fast (in just 2-3 minutes). This is mostly due to it’s 0.8 liter capacity (most electric kettles are 1.5 liters or a bit less).

The smaller capacity means you will have to refill the kettle more often but that’s not really a significant flaw as there’s also an upside for this – KOIOS electric gooseneck kettle is more compact and lighter than larger models.

One of the defining features of KOIOS electric gooseneck kettle is the ability to adjust tempearture from 102°F to 212°F. This means you can select temperature you want water to be. This can be useful for many reasons but most common use is for tea or coffee as different brewing methods work best at different water temperatures.

Another defining feature is the gooseneck that provides steady and precise waterflow.


All of the controls are located on the base. There you will find two small display screens (one shows selected temperature and the other current water temperature) and 3 touch sensitive buttons.

Two of the buttons are for adjusting temperature. Temperature is adjusted in 3 degree increments and you can fast scroll by holding your finger on the button.

The third button is “Start/Pause” which is self explanatory however it also has another purpose. If you press and hold you can switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius temperature scales.


The overall quality is adequate for the price. KOIOS KE4088T-UL interior is made of food-grade insulated stainless steel. More expensive kettles do feel sturdier and better made but then again you can’t really complain that KOIOS KE4088T-UL is of bad quality.


KOIOS KE4088T-UL has boil-dry protection feature.

Certifications/Safety listings

KOIOS KE4088T-UL electric gooseneck kettle is ETL and FCC certified as well FDA approved.


For the money KOIOS KE4088T-UL is a pretty good electric gooseneck kettle. It’s not as good as more expensive options however it’s good enough to justify the price tag.

KOIOS KE4088T-UL Electric Gooseneck Kettle Specifications:

  • Power: 1200W
  • Temperature range: 102° to 212°F
  • Capacity: 0.8 liters
  • Certifications/safety listings:
    • ETL
    • FCC
    • FDA
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