Kobalt 80-Volt Max 16-in Straight Cordless String Trimmer Review

Kobalt 80-Volt cordless string trimmer uses 0.080″ line (but 0.095” fits well too) and has adjustable cutting swath from 14 to 16 inches. It also has two speed settings: 5,000 RPM and 5,500 RPM – the difference between the two modes is surprisingly big considering they only differ by 500 RPM.

Whereas Kobalt 40-Volt string trimmer turned out to be a major disappointment, the 80-Volt has improved in multiple areas including performance. It has brushless motor that outputs more power and with 80 volt power supply it’s very powerful – it trims overgrown stuff with ease, yet remains very smooth and relatively quiet which feels a bit weird after using gas trimmers but in a good way for sure!

Electric string trimmers often are underpowered but this one certainly isn’t – it can handle nearly everything you can throw at it.

Durability & Quality

Build quality, durability and reliability was one of the major flaws of 40-Volt trimmer – it just isn’t built to last. Kobalt certainly have learned from some of their mistakes and the 80-Volt model is a big improvement in this areas. It’s still not a heavy duty machine that you can abuse but you can actually expect it to last if you operate it with care.


Ergonomics have also improved. Kobalt 80-Volt weed eater is a lot more comfortable to use than 40-Volt model due to multiple improvements like putting the motor towards the middle of the shaft which improves balance significantly and decreases arm fatigue, however it’s still a bit heavy with the battery and might be too heavy for some.

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Kobalt 80-Volt weed wacker has bump feed and dual-line features that work well. It’s also a lot more attachment friendly than 40-Volt model.

You can also press a button and check how much charge on the battery is left – from 1 to 3 bars.

Kobalt 80-Volt weed wacker measures 9 x 9 x 37 inches and weighs 13.22 pounds.


Kobalt 80-Volt Max string trimmer is a beast however it’s a bit heavy. Although ergonomics and build quality have improved significantly compared to Kobalt 40-volt model there is still room for improvement.

Overall Kobalt 80-Volt Max is a pretty good electric weed wacker with impressive performance but it’s not quite among the very best cordless electric string trimmers.


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