Kobalt 80-volt 18-in Cordless Electric Chainsaw Review

Electric chainsaw sounds like something that could look good on paper but turn out more or less useless in practice. Is that really the case? If you have been regular reader of VeryBestReviews you would know that no, it’s not – electric chainsaws can be almost or just as capable as their gas counterparts while having other benefits due to being electric. But that’s not the case with every unit. So what’s the story with Kobalt 80-volt 18-inch electric chainsaw?

Cutting performance

Kobalt 80-volt chainsaw cuts quite well. Cutting isn’t as quick as with gas powered alternatives but it’s not that far from it. Whether you cut 6, 12 or 18 inch trees it performs pretty well most of the time. Plenty of power for light and medium duty jobs but it might struggle with dense hard woods.

This isn’t something you would use for commercial purposes but it should be sufficient for most homeowners.


Kobalt 80-volt chainsaw features low-kickback bar and chain, electronic chain brake and quick-adjust chain tensioning. It’s not the feature richest unit but it does have the most vital ones.

Advantages of electric chainsaw

Electric chainsaws have multiple advantages compared to their gas counterparts – no fumes, maintenance, issues starting up, less noise etc. For many those benefits outweigh some loss of performance but for others raw power and speed of cutting is pretty much all that matters.

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Kobalt 80-volt chainsaw comes with 2.0 Ah battery and charger. It takes 30 minutes to fully recharge. Battery life depends heavily on many variables so it’s hard to give any quotes but it’s not bad.

You can also get 5.0 Ah battery for it which will increase battery life but will negatively affect ease of use as it’s heavier.


Kobalt 80-volt chainsaw is comparable to its gas counterparts. It does fall behind a bit in terms of power but it makes it up for it with other benefits of electric unit.

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