Kobalt 40-Volt Max 13-in Straight Cordless String Trimmer Review

Kobalt 40 Volt cordless string trimmer uses 0.080” trimmer line has adjustable cutting swath from 11 to 13 inches – smaller cutting swath improves battery life but larger cutting swath allows you to cut larger area. It also has two speed modes: 6,800 and 7,800 RPM respectively – you will experience longer battery life using 6,800 RPM but the performance will be better with 7,800 RPM mode.

So how well does it perform? Considering it can do 7,800 RPM you would expect it to be a monster but in reality it’s not. It does perform simple jobs like cutting lawn well but it will struggle with more demanding ones like trimming overgrowth. Overall performance is mediocre and for some it might be good enough, but others will notice the lack of trimming performance.

Dual line auto feed system

Dual line auto feed system works perfectly – you don’t have to do any bumping to feed the line.

Durability & Quality

Kobalt 40 Volt 13” cordless string trimmer isn’t the sturdiest unit. It actually does feel a bit flimsy and consumer reports seem to confirm this as many owners of Kobalt 40 Volt 13” string trimmer have experienced different parts breaking. You might actually run into durability issues before you even start to use it – protective guard is prone to cracking if you over-tighten it so you have to be careful when you install it.


Kobalt 40 Volt 13” string trimmer is relatively long and it feels a bit awkward to use – especially if you are of short height or have short arms. It doesn’t feel balanced and the hand that holds auxiliary handle become fatigued fast.

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Battery life

Battery life depends on the type of stuff you are trimming, cutting swath you have set and speed mode you are using but generally you can expect battery to last about 30 minutes. You can purchase separate batteries though as they are interchangeable between Kobalt products and simple to replace.


In reality Kobalt 40-Volt Max 13-in cordless string trimmer isn’t that great of appliance. It will satisfy some consumers but others will be disappointed by it.


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Kobalt 40-Volt Max 13-in Straight Cordless String Trimmer Specs:

  • Type: Cordless (battery powered)
  • Speed: 6,800 / 7,800 RPM
  • Cutting Path: 11” / 13” (280 / 330 mm)
  • Line diameter: 0.080”
  • Cutting capacity: Dual line
  • Weight (without battery): 7.7 lb
  • Weight with battery: ~9 lb

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