Keter XXL 230 Gallon Outdoor Storage Deck Box Review

Keter XXL 230-gallon deck box is the largest one that Keter makes – company that’s is known for their well made yet affordable products. Keter XXL is monstrous in size and storage capacity but is it the outdoor storage deck box you should buy?


Keter XXL 230 gallon deck box is made of UV-resistant resin which is just a fancy name for plastic. It’s however very solid and sturdy, a lot sturdier than you would expect for something made of plastic. Panels are considerably thicker than of most other deck boxes.

Cushions stay mold-free even when stored for longer periods of time (for example winter) – seems like deck box could be ventilated but the system is designed well enough to keep rain water way.


Keter XXL 230 gallon deck box is very water resistant. It’s not fully waterproof because if you would submerge it in water it would likely get in but inside stays dry during rain so it’s water resistant enough.


It has hydraulic hinges that keeps the lid open once you lift if up for easy loading/unloading. It also has handles for easier transportation.

It’s so large you can actually use it as table if you’re have a barbecue. It also feels sturdy enough to be sat on – whether you should do it is a different question since it cause extra strain on supporting structure which could cause it to wear over time.

You can also lock the deck box with padlock however you will have to purchase one separately. Is it even worth to lock it? Wouldn’t it be easy to break in anyway since it’s made of plastic? Well, even though it’s made of plastic the construction is quite sturdy so it would take some effort to break in, it doesn’t feel like you could shatter a panel by kicking it once or twice. If someone really wanted to get inside the deck box they would likely need some tools to do it quickly and even then it would be very noisy alerting everyone nearby.

Locking deck box with padlock isn’t 100% safe solution but it might keep thieves away since breaking in would be noisy and not as easy as you would expect for plastic unit.


Keter XXL deck box is easy to assemble as long as you have someone helping you. Since body panels are very large it can be a lot more tricky if you try to do it by yourself but it’s still doable.

Takes 10-20 minutes to assemble for two people.


Keter XXL is probably the biggest deck box that you can buy for reasonable money that’s well made.

Keter Ontario XXL 230 Gallon Deck Box Details/Specs:

  • Material: Polypropylene resin
  • Storage capacity: 230 gallons / 30.7 cu. ft. / 871 liters
  • Outside dimensions: 57.8″ x 32.7″ x 33.8″ / 147 x 83 x 86 cm (W x D x H)
  • Inside dimensions: 53.6″ x 28.8″ x 30.6″ / 136.2 x 73.2 x 77.8 cm (W x D x H)
  • Height with lid open: 64 inches / 162.5 cm

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