Keter Circa 37 Gallon Round Outdoor Storage Deck Box Review

Keter Circa is a round deck box with storage capacity of 37 gallons. Despite offering less storage than usual you can still fit decent amount of stuff inside. So is this deck box of rather unusual shape worth the money?


Keter Circa 37 gallon deck box is made of resin plastic. Panels are actually pretty thick and sturdy so despite being made of plastic Circa does feel solid.

Lid can hold up to 308 lbs so Keter Circa can be used for seating, however that’s probably not a great idea since doing so will cause more stress on supporting structure which can wear it out and make storage box less sturdy over time.

Interior can hold up to 55 pounds of stuff – not a lot but enough in most cases given the size of deck box.


Keter Circa 37-gallon storage box seems to be watertight as rain water doesn’t get inside however the lid has grooves where water will collect and it might drop inside the box when you open the lid.


Keter Circa 37-gallon deck box has handles for easy moving but it doesn’t have wheels and cannot be locked.


Keter Circa is super simple to assemble. You don’t even need any tools for it – simply snap pieces together which can be done in couple minutes.


Keter Circa is a good deck box for the money. If it satisfies you in terms of storage capacity or aesthetics it’s worth to buy.

Keter Circa 37 Gallon Round Outdoor Storage Deck Box Specifications:

  • Materials: Resin plastic
  • Available colors: brown, gray
  • Storage capacity: 37 gallons / 4.9 cu. ft. / 140 liters
  • Interior weight capacity: 55 lbs / 25 kg
  • Lid weight capacity: 308 lbs / 139.7 kg
  • External dimensions (W x D x H): 27.5″ x 27.5″ x 17.1″ / 69.9 cm x 69.9 cm x 43.4 cm
  • Interior dimensions (W x D x H): 23.3″ x 23.3″ x 15.3″ / 59.7 cm x 59.7 cm x 39.3 cm
  • Weight: 15.5 lbs / 7 kg

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