KETER 165 Gallon Outdoor Storage Deck Box Review

KETER 165-Gallon outdoor storage deck box is very spacious with lots of room for your belongings however it’s not the largest Keter deck box – Keter XXL has storage capacity of 230 gallons making it 39% more spacious.


KETER 165-Gallon outdoor storage deck box is made of polypropylene resin which is basically plastic. Despite that the construction actually is pretty solid, body panels are a lot thicker compared to cheap deck boxes (although slightly less thick than Keter XXL).


KETER 165-gallon deck box is very water resistant and it’s highly unlikely any rain water will get inside.


KETER 165-gallon deck box has hydraulic hinges that keep lid open, place for a padlock and built in handles.


Assembly is simple but you will need Phillips head screw driver. Most of the assembly process is simply snapping pieces together however it’s very important you carefully follow instructions, if you snap wrong pieces together it’s going to be tough to to detach them without breaking.


For the money it’s a really good deck box. If 165 gallons of storage capacity seems right for you then this is the deck box you need.

KETER 165 Gallon Outdoor Storage Deck Box Details/Specifications:

  • Material: Polypropylene resin
  • Color: Cream white
  • Storage capacity: 165 gallons / 22 cu. ft. / 625 liters
  • Exterior dimensions (W x D x H): 61.2″ x 28.5″ x 27.3″ / 155 cm x 72.4 cm x 69.4 cm
  • Interior dimensions (W x D x H): 57.7″ x 27″ x 24.5″ / 146.6 cm x 68.6 cm x 62.3 cm

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