Keter 150 Gallon Deck Box Review (Westwood / Premier / Rockwood)

#1 Keter Westwood 150 Gal Outdoor Deck Storage Box

Keter Westwood 150 gallon storage capacity is truly impressive – it’s very roomy and you can fit loads of stuff inside. It has brown natural wood slat finish – you won’t mistake it for real wood but it does look nice. Keter Westwood 150 gallon deck box is 61 inches wide, 28.5 inches deep and 25.4 inches high. Inside dimensions are: 56 inches of width, 24.6 inches of depth and 22.8 inches of height.

Body panels are made of weather resistant plastic (Polypropylene resin) and when you first grab them they don’t feel particularly robust however once you assemble the deck box it’s surprisingly sturdy.

Body panels are sturdier than they feel and metal ridges provides support at the right places. Keter Westwood deck box isn’t super heavy duty, but it’s more than sturdy enough for normal use and is strong enough to be sat on (according to manufacturer lid can safely support up to 660 lbs). It’s reasonably comfortable for two adults to sit on it unless you are of short height.

Keter Westwood outdoor deck storage box has hydraulic hinges that keeps the lid open and makes it easy to open and close.

Keter Westwood deck box weather resistant and deals well with sun exposure, rain and snow. In most cases it should easily last for years sitting outside. It’s not waterproof but it does a good job of staying dry. Lid is lockable – there is a place for padlock but it’s not included (you have to buy it separately). However it won’t make it super safe as someone who really wants to get inside the deck box will probably be able to break it (however doing so will be very loud and conspicuous which might prevent thieves).

Body panels are labeled which makes assembly easy. Most of it is snapping pieces together but you need to insert some screws too.

Overall it’s the best outdoor deck storage box you can buy at this pricing. It’s made of plastic but is sturdier than expected, offers lots of storage capacity and should last for years!



  • Material: Polypropylene resin
  • Storage capacity: 150 gallons / 570 liters
  • Inside dimensions: 56″ x 24.6″ x 22.8″
  • Outside dimensions: 61″ x 28.5″ x 25.4″
  • Weight: 44 lbs



#2 Keter 240303 Premier 150 Gallon Deck Box

Keter Premier 150 gallon deck box is made of double walled resin plastic. It’s 59.7 inches wide, 28.5 inches deep and 27.5 inches high. Inside dimensions are: 56.22 inches wide, 24.9 inches deep and 25.16 inches high.

Durability wise it feels similar to Westwood deck box. It’s not super heavy duty where you would want to abuse the deck box or jump on it, but you can sit on it and expect it to last for years in normal use. The lid of Keter Premier deck box can support up to 660 lbs of weight.

Keter Premier deck box is weather resistant. Inside manages to stay dry during regular rain but might not during heavy rain or when bottom of deck box is submerged in water.

Keter Premier 150 gallon deck box has hydraulic pistons for easy opening and soft closing, they will keep the lid open when you need to put in/take out things inside deck box. Built-in handles which makes opening easier. Lid is lockable but lock is not included.

Assembly isn’t difficult but it will take 30-45 minutes to complete for your average person.

Overall quality wise Keter Premier 150 gallon outdoor deck storage box is very similar to Keter Westwood, however it’s less good looking (however that might be totally subjective).



  • Material: Double-walled resin plastic
  • Storage capacity: 150 Gallons
  • Inside dimensions: 56.22″ x 24.96″ x 25.16″
  • Outside dimensions: 59.7″ x 28.5″ x 27.55″
  • Weight: 60.84 lbs



#3 Keter Rockwood Jumbo 150 gallon Outdoor Deck Storage Box

Keter Rockwood Jumbo 150 gallon deck box is made of polypropylene resin plastic. It’s 61 inches wide, 28.5 inches deep and 25.25 inches high. Inside dimensions are: 56 inched wide, 24.75 inches deep and 22.75 inches high.

Just like other Keter products this one feels reasonably sturdy once assembled but since it’s made of plastic it’s not really meant to be abused. In other aspects it’s very similar to Westwood and Premier deck storage boxes too. Inside contents seem to remain dry even during rain as long as the bottom of deck box isn’t submerged in water. It’s not waterproof but is pretty water resistant. Assembly is pretty straightforward but might take a while to complete (around 30 minutes take or give 15 minutes).



  • Material: Polypropylene resin plastic
  • Storage capacity: 150 Gallons
  • Inside Dimensions: 56″ x 24.75″ x 22.75″
  • Outside Dimensions: 61″ x 28.5″ x 25.25″
  • Weight: 43.4 lbs


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