Kenmore PG-A4030400LD 3-Burner Outdoor BBQ Grill Review

Kenmore PG-A4030400LD is a outdoor liquid propane BBQ grill with 3-burners, porcelain-coated cast-iron cooking grates and 512 square inches of total cooking space with 381 square inches being primary cooking area and 131 square inches of warming rack.

Kenmore PG-A4030400LD 3-Burner Outdoor BBQ Grill

Kenmore 3-burner grill heats up fast and gets plenty hot – it tops out at around 600°F. You will not even need to turn on all 3 burners in many situations. Heat is fairly evenly distributed as well.

It’s equipped with electronic ignition which makes it super easy to start up. Each burner can output 10,000 BTU/hr for a total output of 30,000 BTU/hr. Kenmore PG-A4030400LD has heat flux index of 78.7. A good heat flux index is typically considered to be somewhere between 75 to 100 or 80 to 100.

You might think that being on lower or just below recommended range might be a bad thing but it’s not in this case. Kenmore PG-A4030400LD works as well as it should and essentially if it had higher BTU rating it would consume more gas (it’s a bit more complicated that that but let’s not overcomplicate things).

All-in-all it grills well. Results are great. Steaks are delicious. Kenmore 3-burner grill cooks well and for majority that’s going to be what matters the most.

Drip tray

Kenmore PG-A4030400LD is equipped with drip tray but it could be better designed. It can be difficult to remove and the capacity could be increased (in some cases you may run into risk it overfilling and spilling over).


Kenmore PG-A4030400LD 3-burner grill is not as well made as a Weber but the overall quality isn’t bad. It’s fairly decent even though it’s not the best.


Kenmore PG-A4030400LD 3-burner grill features include folding side shelves, 4 swivel casters for mobility, built-in temperature gauge, side handles with hooks and powder coated surfaces.


Kenmore PG-A4030400LD is easy to assemble but you have to pay attention to instructions. They are clear, easy to understand and informative enough. Expect to spend anywhere from 1 to 4 hours putting this thing together depending how handy you are and how much in a hurry you are.


Kenmore 3-burner grill is available in 6 colors: Azure (Kenmore PG-A4030400LD-AZ), Black (Kenmore PG-A4030400LD), Mocha (Kenmore PG-A4030400LD-MO), Pearl White (Kenmore PG-A4030400LD-PE), Red (Kenmore PG-A4030400LD-RD) and Teal (Kenmore PG-A4030400LD-TL)


Kenmore PG-A4030400LD 3-burner grill measures 51 inches in width, 21.5 inches in depth and 45 inches in height. It’s 32.5 inches wide with folded shelves.

It’s fairly compact, especially with folded shelves, which makes it great for compact spaces.


Kenmore PG-A4030400LD works very well and cooks great! The quality is not up to par to Weber but it’s fairly decent nonetheless. Overall for the money this is a pretty great grill.

Kenmore PG-A4030400LD 3-Burner Outdoor BBQ Grill Specifications:

  • Total Cooking area: 512 square inches
  • Primary cooking area: 381 square inches
  • Warming rack: 131 square inches
  • Burner count: 3
  • BTU/hr per burner: 10,000
  • Total BTU/hr: 30,000
  • Color options:
    • Azure: Kenmore PG-A4030400LD-AZ
    • Black: Kenmore PG-A4030400LD
    • Mocha: Kenmore PG-A4030400LD-MO
    • Pearl White: Kenmore PG-A4030400LD-PE
    • Red: Kenmore PG-A4030400LD-RD
    • Teal: Kenmore PG-A4030400LD-TL
  • Dimensions:
    • With unfolded shelves (W x D x H): 51’’ x 21.5’’ x 45’’ inches
    • With folded shelves (W x D x H): 32.5’’ x 21.5’’ x 45’’ inches

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