Kamado Joe Big Joe I (BJ24RH) Grill Review

Kamado Joe Big Joe I (also known as Kamado Joe BJ24RH) has 24 inch diameter cooking space and stainless steel cooking grates. It’s one of the best kamado style charcoal grills but it’s not cheap – so is it worth the money?

Kamado Joe Big Joe I

Kamado Joe Big Joe I cooks to the perfection. It holds temperature exceptionally well and with thick-walled ceramic construction the heat retention is amazing making Big Joe I very fuel efficient for it’s size. You can easily smoke for well over 10 hours without having to refuel. Works great for searing steaks too as it can easily achieve and hold 750°F.

Big Joe I is equipped with built-in thermometer. Controlling air flow and temperature is simple and effective.

2-Tier Divide & Conquer Cooking System

With 2-Tier Divide & Conquer cooking system and multi-level, half-moon design you can cook different foods in different styles at different temperatures at the same time.

Two tiers is not enough for you? Big Joe III comes with 3-tier system and other perks.


Kamado Joe Big Joe I is extremely well made. It’s actually better made than Big Green Egg. Every part feels well enginereed and is sturdy. Big Joe I is certainly built to last.

Big Joe I vs Big Joe II

There are two main differences between the Big Joe I and Big Joe II with the rest being rather subtle. First, Big Joe II has airlift hinge that makes opening the lid effortless (you can do it with one finger). Big Joe I doesn’t have this feature and the lid being rather heavy you can definitely tell the difference.

The other big difference is redesigned firebox that seems to be problem free (few consumers have had issues with Big Joe I firebox cracking).

The rest of the differences are minor including fiberglass gasket, stainless steel latch and improved rain-proof Kontrol Tower top vent on Big Joe II.

So is Big Joe II worth the premium? In my opinion it’s however I can see why for some it might not be. If you think it’s wiser to choose the more affordable Big Joe I then I’m not going to be the one who’s going to argue.


Kamado Joe BJ24RH has slide-out ash drawer that makes clean up simple and quick.


Is Big Joe I worth the money? Yes, every single cent. It’s exceptional kamado charcoal grill that’s even better than the acclaimed Big Green Egg. The quality, performance and versatility is so great that you have to ask yourself – can things get any better? Well since Big Joe II and Big Joe III exists they can but that doesn’t make Big Joe I any less impressive.

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