Kaleb Kendama Review

Kaleb Big Red kendama is 7.25 inches tall (~18.4 cm) and weighs 160 grams (~5.6 oz). Diameter of the ball is 2.35 inches (~6 cm) and it weighs 85 grams (~3 oz). It’s made of solid wood.

Kaleb kendamas doesn’t have that good of a reputation in Kendama community. Main reason is they are far from best for the pricing, other companies like Sweets Kendamas, Kendama USA and others offer far better products at similar price.

Overall balance of this Kaleb kendama and other Kaleb models are mediocre at best. They are still playable but as mentioned previously there are better kendamas for the price.

Overall quality of Kaleb kendamas isn’t great either. Compared to alternatives they feel like mass produced trash. They are not as durable as Kendamas from other companies, however neither are they super fragile – they aren’t just as sturdy. Quality of the paint jobs is terrible though with some if not all Kaleb Kendamas – as you start play them they start to chip pretty much immediately.

If you want to buy a better Kendama then you can read my Best Kendama article or if you don’t want to read just get any of the Sweets Kendamas – you can’t go wrong with them.

Kaleb Big Red kendama details:

  • Length: 7.25 inches
  • Weight: 160 grams
  • Package includes:
    • Kaleb Kendama
    • Extra string
    • Sticker

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