Igloo FRF470-BLACK 7.0 Cubic Foot Chest Freezer Review

Igloo FRF470-BLACK is a chest freezer with 7 cubic foot capacity which is enough to hold around 135 pounds of food. It’s currently one of the best selling chest freezers in North America but does that mean it’s among the best?


Igloo FRF470-BLACK works well. It cools down fast and keeps your food very cold and frozen. As a chest freezer it works just fine.

If you buy Igloo FRF470-BLACK but receive a RCA chest freezer don’t panic as they as the same model with just different label.

Control panel

Igloo FRF470-BLACK is equipped with thermostat dial with 8 settings (7 different temperatures + Off) and 2 indicator lights: “Power” and ‘’Run’’.

Consumer reports

Consumer reports is where things get a bit ugly. There are two issues that are mentioned relatively more compared to some of the competing models: dents and reliability.

It seems that Igloo FRF470-BLACK quite often gets dented during shipping. Most of the time it’s just purely aesthetic issue but buying something brand new and receiving it dented is at least slightly unpleasant.

Other issue is that Igloo FRF470-BLACK has received relatively more complaints about reliability than other chest freezers. It seems like in many cases it lasts only for a few months to 2 years until it breaks.

It might be just a coincidence that there are relatively more complaints than usual but it also might point to something.


Igloo FRF470-BLACK works just great as a chest freezer, however the more than usual complaints from consumers is concerning.

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