HUYOSEN 2512S PRO 25cc 2-Stroke 12-Inch Chainsaw Review

HUYOSEN 2512S PRO is a small inexpensive chainsaw that’s equipped with 12-inch bar and chain. It has 1E34F 25cc 2-stroke engine that idles at 3,000 RPM and has peak power output of 1.2 horsepower with maximum RPM of 8,500. Required fuel mixture ratio is 25:1 and don’t use gasoline with octane rating lover than 90 RON (87AKI).

Cutting performance

Chain that comes with HUYOSEN 2512S is sharp and motor has all the power you need for 12-inch bar. Naturally it cuts well and you can easily use the whole bar. Trigger response is good as well.


HUYOSEN 2512S PRO has features like adjustable automatic chain oiler, kick-back brake, hand guard as well safety trigger and safety switch.

Oil tank capacity is 150 mL.

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Ease of use

HUYOSEN 2512S PRO weighs 8.82 lbs (4 kg). It’s easy to handle partially due to being light.


Overall HUYOSEN 2512S PRO is a good chainsaw for the money. It’s not expensive yet cuts well.

HUYOSEN 2512S Specifications:

  • Type: Gas
  • Guide bar length: 10-inches
  • Motor:
    • Model: 1E34F
    • Type: 2-cycle
    • Peak power output: 0.9 kw / 1.2 horsepower
    • Idle RPM: 3,000
    • Max. RPM: 8,500
    • Oil tank capacity: 140 mL
  • Weight: 7.2 lbs / 3.26 kg

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