Husqvarna 322L (967175201) String Trimmer Review

Husqvarna 322L (967175201) has 22.5 см³ engine with power output of 1.01 hp and 1 Nm. Engine is “The X-Torq®” type with reduced fuel consumption (up to 20%) and emissions (up to 60%). Cylinder bore is hard chromium plated which increases durability (and therefore lifetime of the engine).

It starts up well even after not being used for weeks. Husqvarna 322L does take 3-4 minutes to warm up but once warmed up it’s plenty powerful even for more demanding jobs. It has a cutting width of 9.1 inches.

Despite being pretty powerful it’s also very quiet compared to other gas weed wackers.

It’s super lightweight compared to other gas string trimmers – Husqvarna 322L weighs just 9.26 lbs (4.2 kg). It puts less strain on your back and doesn’t tire you as much as other string trimmers making it easy to use.

Controls are intuitive – choke and purge are easy to reach and use.


Husqvarna 322L has “tap n go” trimmer head with double trimmer cords. This design is superior to other gas powered weed wackers as restringing is super simple.

It also has air purge that removes air from carburetor and fuel system that makes it easier to start (Husqvarna 322L 967175201 starts very well).

Husqvarna 322L has stand alone starter so replacing starter cord is simple if necessary.

Husqvarna 322L measures 69.76 inches long, 8.9 inches wide and 8.9 inches high.

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Possible issues

Sometimes Husqvarna products require carb adjustment out of the box. If after the 3-4 minute warm up it lacks power and doesn’t perform as desired then the chances are it’s not defective but needs carb adjustment instead.

At times top of the engine can get a bit warm which can cause some discomfort (to your elbow).


If you are looking for a lightweight gas string trimmer then Husqvarna 322L is a great choice.


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Husqvarna 322L 967175201 String Trimmer Specs:

  • Cutting width: 9.1 in
  • Cylinder displacement: 22.5 см³
  • Power output: 1.01 hp
  • Torque: 1 Nm
  • Idling speed: 3000 rpm
  • Maximum rpm output shaft: 6200 rpm
  • Fuel tank volume: 16.91 fl. Oz.
  • Fuel consumption: 540 g/kWh
  • Spark plug: NGK BPMR8Y
  • Dimensions: 69.76” x 8.9” x 8.9” (LxWxH)
  • Tube length: 58.39 in
  • Tube diameter: 0.94 in
  • Weight: 9.26 lbs

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