hOmeLabs HME030366N 3.5 Cubic Feet Chest Freezer Review

hOmeLabs HME030366N is a chest freezer with 3.5 cubic feet capacity. It features thermostat with adjustable temperature from -0.4°F to 10.4°F.


hOmeLabs HME030366N chest freezer cools down very fast (within couple hours) yet manufacturer recommends to run it for 2-3 hours (5+ hours if air temperature is very warm) before placing any food inside. It works just fine and isn’t loud.

Another thing you should know is that you should let it sit upright for 24 hours before turning it on, likely to let coolant fluids to settle in.


hOmeLabs HME030366N features thermostat dial that allows you to adjust temperature (”Min” being the warmest temperature and “Max” the coldest).


hOmeLabs HME030366N has features like recessed door handle, auto hold hinges, door gasket, embossed aluminium liner, powder coated steel exterior and easy to access drain outlet located on the front of chest freezer. It also comes with hanging wire basket.


Some of the consumers have complained that their hOmeLabs HME030366N 3.5 cubic feet chest freezer arrived with dents. It’s entirely possible as it’s not super well packaged so be aware that there’s a chance yours might have dents too.

Estimated yearly energy use is 193 kWh (0.53 kWh per day).

Cord is is 5.5 feet long.


hOmeLabs HME030366N 3.5 cubic feet chest freezer measures 21.5 inches wide, 19.5 inches deep and 33.5 inches high (50.5 inches with door open).


hOmeLabs HME030366N is a decent chest freezer that cools down fast and works just like it’s supposed to. Only slightly concerning thing is that it sometimes gets dented during shipping – it’s almost always only an aesthetic defect and rarely affects efficiency, but nonetheless it’s unpleasant if your brand new appliance doesn’t look brand new.

hOmeLabs HME030366N 3.5 Cubic Feet Chest Freezer Specifications:

  • Voltage: 115 Volts
  • Wattage: 100 watts
  • Capacity: 3.5 cubic feet / 99 liters
  • Temperature range: -0.4 °F to 10.4 °F
  • Estimated yearly energy use: 193 kWh
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 21.5” x 19.5” x 33.5”

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