Hamilton Beach 62692 6-Speed Electric Hand Mixer Review

Hamilton Beach 62692 is a hand mixer with 6 speed settings and peak motor power of 275 watts. It’s an inexpensive hand mixer so is it any good?


The power is good for the money. It’s obviously not the most powerful hand mixer out there but it doesn’t feel as underpowered as many other models at similar pricing. For most types of mixing Hamilton Beach 62692 has adequate amounts of power.

When it comes to cheap hand mixers you will find that their slowest settings are too fast or fastest speeds too slow so you end up lacking power or making a mess. Hamilton Beach 62692 is no the exception. The slowest speed is too fast and can cause splattering. On some of the other cheap hand mixers this issue is even more pronounced but that doesn’t change the fact that first speed should be slower.

Another flaw is noise. This hand mixer is a bit loud when running. It also must be mentioned that it doesn’t have eject button so you have to remove attachments by hand.


Sure, being a cheap hand mixer Hamilton Beach 62692 doesn’t feel super sturdy. It does in fact feel like it should – cheap, but at this price point you can’t claim it as a substantial flaw as it’s to be expected at this price point.


Hamilton Beach 62692 hand mixer comes with 2 beaters and a whisk. It also comes with snap-on storage case where you can store the hand mixer and all of the attachments.


Some consumers have had issues with long-term reliability and attachments falling out.


Is Hamilton Beach 62692 a great hand mixer? No, it’s not. Is it a good hand mixer for the money? Yes. Being a budget priced model it’s far from perfect but if you need something affordable that does the job then it’s not a bad choice. The only concerning thing is that some consumers have had issues with long-term reliability and attachments falling out but with that being said majority of the consumer feedback is quite positive.

Hamilton Beach 62692 6-Speed Electric Hand Mixer Specifications:

  • Power: 275W
  • Speeds: 6
  • Attachments:
    • 2 x Beaters
    • 1 x Whisk

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