HadinEEon MK1401 4 in 1 Magnetic Milk Frother Review

HadinEEon MK1401 (MK1401-UL) is a 4 in 1 milk frother. It can make:

  1. Warm milk without froth/foam
  2. Warm milk with thick froth/foam
  3. Warm milk with thin froth/foam
  4. Cold milk with froth/foam

It makes really great froth that’s creamy and very smooth with regular, almond and oat milk and likely works well with most other non-diary milks too. Works well even with 0% fat milk even though manufacturer recommends using milk with fat content over 3%. Really great froth for lattes, cappuccinos and hot cocoa drinks. All of the settings work great, the warm milk with thick froth outputs this really nice and thick, somewhat cloudy froth that has really nice texture.

There are some nuances though. It works a lot better with milk that’s cold, if you pour warm milk it won’t produce as great froth. Another thing is that you shouldn’t pour milk to max level. If you simply want to warm it up pour it just under max line, if you choose any setting with froth then pour milk about half way to max line. If you pour too much milk it will overflow.


Noise levels are average. There are many louder milk frothers on the market but HadinEEon MK1401 isn’t quite among the very quietest.


HadinEEon MK1401 features food-grade insulated double wall. This provide great insulation and keeps your milk warm for hours. It works great for froth too as you won’t see any decrease of it for at least an hour.

HadinEEon MK1401 also has non-stick coating interior that makes cleaning it easier however it’s best to be cleaned by rinsing right after use before any milk dries up.

Other features include auto shut-off and temperature control (when milk is warmed to temperature ranging from 131°F to 149°F unit automatically shuts off). HadinEEon MK1401 is also UL Listed meaning it meets Nationally Recognized Safety Standards.


HadinEEon MK1401 makes amazing froth and for the price it’s a truly great appliance!

HadinEEon MK1401 MK1401-UL 4 in 1 Magnetic Milk Frother Specifications:

  • Temperature: 131°F to 149°F
  • Maximum capacity of milk for warming: 6.8 oz / 200 mL
  • Maximum capacity of milk for frothing: 3.4 oz / 100 mL
  • Minimum liquid capacity: 2.5 oz / 70 mL
  • Weight: 2.29 pounds
  • Certifications:
    • UL Listed

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