Greenworks ST80L210 80V PRO 16-Inch String Trimmer (Review)

Greenworks ST80L210 80V PRO is not the first Greenworks 80V string trimmer we review. Their other 80V model GST80320 is very impressive power wise however it has other flaws that prevents it from being one of the best string trimmers as an overall package. So is ST80L210 80V PRO any better?


Greenworks ST80L210 80V PRO is very powerful. Just as powerful as most gas powered units and even more powerful than some of them. It can handle nearly everything you throw at it maybe except for the toughest jobs your average consumer won’t come across.

As an edger it’s almost unusable though it’s not designed to be used as one in the first place. Because of the way it’s designed you have to hold it in an awkward position that’s very burdensome and creates lot of muscle fatigue fast. Chances are you won’t ever use it as an edger unless you want to strain a muscle for some reason.

Greenworks ST80L210 80V PRO string trimmer has dual string head, cutting path of 16 inches and it uses 0.080” line, however you can fit 0.095” line in the head for increased cutting capability. It has trigger control meaning that the harder you press it the faster it spins however it’s very sensitive so it’s hard to achieve low RPMs.


Greenworks ST80L210 comes with 2.0Ah battery. It typically lasts 35-40 minutes on full charge and takes just 30 minutes or less to charge it from completely depleted to 100%.


Ergonomics is where Greenworks ST80L210 80V PRO starts to disappoint a bit. It’s not well balanced and can be a bit uncomfortable to use.

Also it’s a pretty long – which is a good thing if you are tall but if you are short then you will find this unit to be too long. Usually the opposite is the case with string trimmer – more often than not they are too short for tall people and just right for those of short to average height.

The guard is pretty useless too – be expected to your whole body to be covered in grass after few minutes of trimming.

Then there’s weight. Without batteries Greenworks ST80L210 weighs 7.1 lbs, but once you attach the 2.0Ah battery it weighs about 10 pounds – a bit less than most gas units but more than most electric ones. Unless you are physically fit you might find this unit heavy.

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Greenworks ST80L210 has bump feed head meaning you have to hit head against the ground to feed string. It’s a bit finicky in this unit as you have to strike quite hard for it to work.

It has brushless motor that increases power and die cast gear box which makes the unit more durable.

Shaft can be split in half for more compact storage.


Greenworks ST80L210 80V PRO is a very powerful string trimmer that can tackle pretty much anything however because of its other flaws it won’t be the best unit for the price for your average consumer.

Greenworks ST80L210 80V PRO 16-Inch String Trimmer Details/Specs:

  • Cutting path: 16”
  • Spool type: Dual
  • Type: Electric (battery powered)
  • Battery type: 2.0Ah
  • No-load speed: 6,200 RPM
  • Line diameter: 0.080”
  • Weight:
    • Without battery: 7.1 lbs
    • With 2.0Ah battery: ~10 lbs

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