Greenworks 2605302 40V Snow Blower (Review)

Greenworks 2605302 is a battery-powered snow thrower. It’s a part of Greenworks 40V model line-up – their 40V string trimmers left good impressions on us so expectations for this snow thrower are rather high. But can 40V system really be powerful enough to tackle snow?


Greenworks 2605302 snow blower brushless motors and clearing width of 20 inches as well clearing depth of 8. So how well it does perform?

When it comes to fluffy snow it performs well most of the time as long as there is not too much of it. It usually handle 6-8 inches of light, dry snow without many issues but at times it can struggle with as little as 1-2 inches for some reason.

Similar story goes for wet snow. Greenworks 2605302 can’t handle it as well as light snow, but most of the time it tackles 2-3 inches of wet snow reasonably well although it doesn’t throw it too far, usually few inches at most. Sometimes it handles up to 6 inches of wet snow too but most of the time it will struggle and require multiple passes.

Common issues

If you investigate consumer feedback you will notice a very common issue – the unit sometimes tends to turn off all the time when it hits snow or only clean snow for a few seconds before turning off.

It’s not an issue that everyone experiences but it’s common enough to be very concerning.


Greenworks 2605302 snow blower uses 40V 6.0Ah lithium-ion battery that lasts 20-40 minutes on full charge depending on conditions you use the snow blower. Battery has USB port so it can be used as power bank with capacity of 60,000 mAh to charge your devices like smartphones.


Chute of Greenworks 2605302 is adjustable in 180 degrees. Greenworks 2605302 snow thrower also has 2 built-in LED lights that are very helpful and much appreciated in low-light conditions.


Should you buy Greenworks 2605302 40V 20’’ brushless snow blower? No, you probably shouldn’t.

Greenworks 2605302 40V 20’’ Brushless Snow Thrower Specs/Details:

  • Type: Electric – Battery powered
  • Motor: Brushless 40V
  • Clearing width: 20 inches
  • Clearing depth: 8 inches
  • Battery: 6.0Ah lithium-ion

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