Greenworks 21342 12-Inch 24V Cordless String Trimmer Review

In the past we have had mixed experience with Greenworks string trimmers, so how does Greenworks 21342 12-Inch 24V cordless string trimmer perform?


Greenworks 21342 uses 0.065” line and has cutting swath of 12 inches. It’s nowhere near as powerful as gas string trimmers but that doesn’t mean it’s useless. For small yards it actually performs decently enough. It can cut through light to medium stuff, for tougher jobs you will need something more powerful though.


Greenworks says it has auto feed system but it doesn’t really work like you would expect. To advance line you have to release trigger and wait for the “tick” sound – that’s how you know it has advanced line. It also advances only about 1/4 inch of line at a time so you will have to press the trigger and let unit speed up, then release it for it to stop spinning and wait for the tick multiple times in a row to release necessary amount of string. It’s really annoying to be honest especially since string occasionally tends to break for some reason.

Head pivots in 3 different positions which allows trimming at different angles. It also rotates in 90 degrees so it can be converted into an edger and with the built-in wheel it performs surprisingly well as one.


Greenworks 21342 comes with 2.0Ah battery. Battery life depends on how you use it but generally you can expect it to last 20-30 minutes.

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Ergonomics are mediocre. The unit is lightweight – it weighs 8.8 lbs but there are competing models that weigh couple pounds less so it’s not class leading in this segment. Still it’s light enough to be used for prolonged time without any serious muscle fatigue (although it depends a lot on the user itself).

Safety button is uncomfortable to use. It also feels a bit weird in your hands.

Basically comfort is mediocre. It’s not terrible but neither is it great. It might depend on the user though.


I have mixed feelings about Greenworks 21342. I personally wouldn’t recommend it as I believe there are better alternatives at similar pricing.

Greenworks 21342 12-Inch 24V Cordless String Trimmer Specs:

  • Type: Electric (battery powered)
  • Cutting path: 12”
  • Line diameter: 0.065”
  • Weight: 8.8 lbs (4.0 kg)

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