Greenworks 20222 Electric Chainsaw (14-Inch 10.5-Amp) Review

Greenworks 20222 is corded electric chainsaw with 10.5 Amp motor and 14-inch guide bar and chain with 3/8” pitch, 0.050” gauge and 52 drive links. It’s very inexpensive yet Greenworks have proved in the past to make pretty good electric tools – so is this also the case with Greenworks 20222?

Cutting performance

Greenworks 20222 is a chainsaw for light trimming and it does that well. Cuts through limbs up to 5 inches in diameter without effort but anything thicker and it starts to slow down. Greenworks 20222 is also lightweight so it doesn’t cause much muscle fatigue.

So will it cut through 12-inch trunk or logs? Yes but it’s going to be slow. If you occasionally come across some tree that’s 12 inches in diameter it’s not a big deal but Greenworks 20222 is not the saw you get for cutting such trees regularly.

Trigger is variable which is also a nice feature since most electric chainsaws have trigger than works as an on/off switch.


Greenworks 20222 has some neat features like tool-less chain tensioning system, automatic oiler, metal bucking spikes, cushioned overmold grip and translucent oil tank so you can see your oil lever (however it’s a bit hard to see because container is white and only slightly translucent).

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Greenworks 20222 doesn’t come with cord and you have to use one with appropriate AWG (gauge) rating. The lower the number the better.

  • Cord that’s 0 to 50 feet (0 to 15 meters) long should have AWG rating of 16
  • Cord that’s 50+ to 100 feet (15+ to 30.4 meters) long should have AWG rating of 14
  • Cord that’s 100+ to 150 feet (30.4+ to 45.7 meters) long should have AWG rating of 12


Greenworks 20222 is a great inexpensive chainsaw for light duty jobs. It’s lightweight and easy to use.

Greenworks 20222 Chainsaw Specs:

  • Type: Electric (Corded)
  • Guide bar Length: 14 inches
  • Motor: 10.5-Amp
  • Chain pitch: 3/8″
  • Chain gauge: 0.050”
  • Number of drive links: 52
  • Replacement chain model: 2904802

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