GoWISE USA GW44803 Ultra 12.7-Quart Air Fryer Oven Review

GoWISE USA GW44803 Ultra is an air fryer oven with 12.7 quart cooking capacity which is large enough to cook for a family of 4-5. It can cook in temperature from 120°F to 430°F whereas most air fryers usually have temperature range of 180°F to 400°F.


Food cooked with GoWISE USA GW44803 Ultra comes out tasting great. It has 3 rack levels so you can cook more of same food than usual or different types of food at the same time.

Not everything is perfect though. It seems like temperature is not distributed perfectly even across the cooking chamber. Food or parts of food that are located more towards the top and rear of cooking chamber tend to be more cooked than those being in the rear and front. Because of this you might find yourself having to flip or reposition food midway cooking cycle quite often.


GoWISE USA GW44803 Ultra air fryer comes with many accessories including rotisserie tong, rotisserie rod, drip pan, skewer rotisserie, rotisserie cage, 2 mesh trays, shallow mesh basket, 2 oven racks and small silicone mitts.

Accessories are high quality which isn’t always the case with other air fryers. Particularly cool is rotisserie function and related accessories so you can cook small whole chicken or French fries without worrying that they will be unevenly cooked.


Control panel is intuitive and simple to use. You can manually set temperature and cooking time or use one of the 11 presets (French Fries, Wings, Steak, Vegetables,Fish, Chicken, Pizza, Pork, Bake, Toast or Dehydrate).

There are also buttons for delaying cooking (for up to 10 hours), keeping food warm (up to 1 hour) and interior light (you can turn it on or off).


This air fryer is available in 5 colors:

  • Black (GoWISE USA GW44803)
  • Black & Silver (GoWISE USA GW44800-O)
  • Red (GoWISE USA GW44801)
  • Silver (GoWISE USA GW44804)
  • White (GoWISE USA GW44802-O)


GoWISE USA GW44803 Ultra air fryer has stainless steel interior and full glass oven door.


Overall GoWISE USA GW44803 is a good air fryer with many accessories, large cooking space and rich functionality. Only somewhat significant flaw is that it cooks a bit unevenly.

GoWISE USA GW44803 GW44800-O GW44801 GW44804 GW44802-O Ultra Air Fryer Oven Specifications:

  • Voltage: 120V/60Hz
  • Power: 1600W
  • Capacity: 12.7 Quart
  • Temperature range: 120°F to 430°F
  • Presets:
    • Fries (430°F for 20 minutes)
    • Wing (400°F for 15 minutes)
    • Steak (400°F for 12 minutes)
    • Vegetables (400°F for 10 minutes)
    • Fish (360°F for 15 minutes)
    • Chicken (430°F for 25 minutes)
    • Pizza (360°F for 10 minutes)
    • Pork (400°F for 10 minutes)
    • Bake (350°F for 30 minutes)
    • Toast (400°F for 4 minutes)
    • Dehydrate (130°F for 8 hours)
  • Colors:
    • Black: GoWISE USA GW44803
    • Black & Silver: GoWISE USA GW44800-O
    • Red: GoWISE USA GW44801
    • Silver: GoWISE USA GW44804
    • White: GoWISE USA GW44802-O
  • Dimensions:
    • Inside: 10.4” x 9.8” x 7.2”
    • Outside: 12.4” x 13.1” x 14.5”
  • Accessories:
    • 1 x Rotisserie tong
    • 1 x Rotisserie rod
    • 1 x Drip pan
    • 1 x Skewer rotisserie
    • 1 x Rotisserie cage
    • 2 x Mesh trays
    • 1 x Shallow mesh basket
    • 2 x Oven racks
    • 1 x Small silicone mitts

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