Frigidaire FFCS0522AW 5.0 Cubic Foot Chest Freezer Review

Frigidaire FFCS0522AW is a chest freezer with 5 cubic feet capacity. Is it a good model for money or should you look for alternative?


Works pretty fine, keeps your food frozen what else do you want?


Frigidaire FFCS0522AW works fine but there’s one very concerning thing about it – consumer reports. Many have reported receiving dented unit which is not a surprise as it’s not very safely packaged meaning there’s a reasonably high chance it will get dented during shipping process.


Frigidaire FFCS0522AW has a dial for temperature adjustment and power-on indicator light.

Energy consumption

Frigidaire FFCS0522AW consumes estimated 218 kWh a year which equals to 0.6 kWh a day.


Frigidaire FFCS0522AW is CSA listed. It has leveling legs, defrost water drain and comes with a single wire basket. Power cord is 59 inches long.

Size and weight

Frigidaire FFCS0522AW 5.0 cubic foot chest freezer weighs 58.62 lb (26.59 kg) and measures 25 inches wide by 21.62 inches deep by 33.5 inches tall.


Frigidaire FFCS0522AW 5.0 cubic foot chest freezer works just fine but it’s a fairly basic unit that apparently often gets damaged (dented) during shipping. Perhaps buying a model with less complaints is a smarter choice.

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