FIVKLEMNZ Car Roof Bag (Review)

FIVKLEMNZ car roof bag is among best selling rooftop cargo carriers today. If offers 15 cubic feet of storage capacity and has really good consumer feedback. Is it really that good?


FIVKLEMNZ car roof bag is made of 600D Oxford cloth – material is thick and feels sturdy. All seam are heat welded and switched for waterproofness and increased durability.

It doesn’t show any signs of wear after few thousand miles of use which is a good sign.


FIVKLEMNZ rooftop cargo bag handle rain, mud, snow and melting snow very well – it stays dry and liquids or moisture doesn’t get inside.


FIVKLEMNZ car roof bag comes with storage bag and protective anti-slip mat that protects paint of your cars roof from scratches, reduces noise and prevents slippage. Some of the more expensive units have built-in mats which is a better solution but FIVKLEMNZ protective mat is useful.

FIVKLEMNZ cargo carrier has 8 reinforced straps & 4 door hooks. It fits most cars whether they have roofrack or not.


Put the protective anti-slip mat under the bag on the rooftop of your car to protect paint, help it stay put and minimize noise.

To install the cargo carrier you have to put door hooks on the metal door frame under (rubber) weatherstripping seals (1 hook for each door frame). Carefully pull back weatherstripping seal located on top of the door frame, place the door hook on metal door frame and gently reapply weatherstripping seal. Repeat same for each door frame until you have installed all 4 door hooks.

Don’t forget to also tighten straps.

Be warned that straps can loosen over time so when you first use the bag retighten straps at every stop – doing it so often might be unnecessary but it will give you a good idea how much they loosen over time in specific conditions. They also might not loosen at all but better safe than sorry.

Also strong wind can move bag a bit but overall it stays put well.


FIVKLEMNZ car roof bag is 43 by 33 by 15 inches big when fully loaded.

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FIVKLEMNZ is a good car roof bag. Some models that are more expensive are better but if you are looking for inexpensive rooftop cargo carrier this one is a good choice.

FIVKLEMNZ car roof bag details:

  • Storage capacity: 15 cu. ft.
  • Installation: Door hooks
  • External dimensions: 43″ x 33″ x 15″ (L x W x H)
  • Material: 600D Oxford cloth

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