Fellow Ode Brew Coffee Burr Grinder Review

Fellow Ode Brew is a new and unique burr grinder that has already attained mass following but being unique doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good. So is it?


Fellow Ode Brew burr grinder is equipped with 64 mm burrs which are vertically mounted – it’s not a new design but burr grinders at this price point usually have horizontally mounted burrs. Grind capacity is also unlike you typically see on other grinders, it’s unusually small – only 80 grams which is not a bad thing for purists .

Grinding performance is decent but there are some nuances. This grinder is useless for fine grinds like moka pot or espresso, it just doesn’t grind fine enough on finest setting. It does grind well for something like pour over, french press or cold brew. Grind is pretty uniform but there are some fines in it, not too many though. The flavor of coffee is great.

It has a total of 33 grind settings (1 being the finest and 11 coarsest, between the 11 settings you also get 2 steps in between making a total of 33). Coarsest settings are useless as they are too coarse for anything. Fellow Ode Brew grinds fast and isn’t very loud, certainly quieter than most of its competitors.

You shouldn’t use setting 1 (the finest one) until you have grinded 10 pounds of coffee beans as from factory burrs are calibrated to touch at setting 1. After some use the burrs will be seasoned and drift  away slightly.


Fellow Ode Brew burr grinder feels really well made. It’s sturdy, solid and a bit heavy (in a good way).


Fellow Ode Brew has a simple dial for selecting grind size and power button which will either grind all of the beans when pressed or you can hold it for 1.5 seconds and it will stop grinding when you release it.


It’s slightly messy, some of the grounds coffee gets here and there. Static cling is a slight issue as well.


Fellow Ode Brew burr grinder has grind knocker to get retention out of burr set right into grounds catch. It kinda works but doesn’t get all of the retention away especially if there’s still some static cling. Some moisture reduces static significantly, just add a drop of water to beans before grinding.

Grounds catch has rubber cover which reduces static and is magnetically aligned (there is a magnet on the base of grounds catch and another one on the base where you are supposed to put it).

Fellow Ode Brew is pretty compact measuring 4.15” wide by 9.5” deep by 9.41” tall.


Fellow Ode Brew is a very stylish burr grinder no doubt about that but is it worth the money is the question. You can’t say it’s a bad grinder for money but it does leave you wanting more. There are certain areas where improvements can be made. Is it worth the money? Yes, but barely.

Fellow Ode Brew Coffee Burr Grinder Specifications:

  • Voltage/Frequency: 120V / 60Hz
  • Power: 150W
  • Grinder type: 64 mm burrs
  • Grind coarseness settings: 33
  • Bean capacity: 80 grams
  • Cord length: 39.1 inches / 100 cm
  • Weight: 4.5 kg / 9.9 lb
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 4.15” wide by 9.41” deep by 9.5” / 105mm x 239mm x 241.5mm
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