FDW 4 Pieces Patio Furniture Set Review

FDW 4 Pieces patio furniture set contains tempered glass top coffee table, two chairs and double sofa as well cushions for the chairs and sofa. The furniture is made of PE wicker and has powder-coated steel frame.

FDW 4 Pieces Patio Furniture Set

FDW 4 pieces patio furniture set is one a smaller side size wise which is not surprising as it’s common occurance with affordable furniture. Despite that chairs are still fairly comfortable to sit on.

There are a couple things you could complain about though – sofa is a tight fit for two adults and cushions could be thicker but overall it’s not bad for something this affordable.

Despite being one of the more affordable patio furniture sets it does look pretty good in person once assembled.


Quality is pretty good for the money but this obviously isn’t high-end furniture.


Assembly is pretty simple just make sure you follow the instructions. This includes not tightening any scews until you have all of them inserted as otherwise holes might not line up properly. Instructions are easy to follow, all the parts are marked.

Assembly will take 1 to 2 hours to compelte for most people.


Each chair is 23.2 inches wide, 23 inches deep and 32.9 inches tall. The sofa is 41.5 inches wide, 23 inches deep and 32.9 inches tall. The glasstop coffee table is 28 inche wide, 16.5 inches deep and 15.5 inches tall.


Overall it’s a fairly decent furniture for the money. It’s not up to par with something that costs 4 figures however if you need something affordable this will be able to satisfy most consumer needs.

FDW 4 Pieces FDW-MC-7861 Patio Furniture Set Specifications:

  • Material: PE Wicker
  • Frame: powder-coated steel
  • Dimensions:
    • Chair (L x W x H): 23.2’’ x 23’’ x 32.9’’ inches
    • Sofa (L x W x H): 41.5’’ x 23’’ x 32.9’’ inches
    • Glasstop coffee table (L x W x H): 28’’ x 16.5’’ x 15.5’’ inches

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