Eureka Zenith 65 E Commercial Espresso Grinder Review

Eureka Zenith 65 E is a commercial grade grinder with 510 watt motor and 65mm flat hardened steel burrs that grind at 1,310 RPM. Despite being commercial grade burr grinder it’s a pretty popular for home use too.


Eureka Zenith 65 E can grind very fine with a really great consistency. It grinds very fast too – a 20 gram double shot takes around 6 seconds. There can be some clumping but not much of it. Retention is low. Dosing variance is withing 0.6 grams range which is pretty good. As a commercial grinder it has negligible heat transfer so you can to back-to-back shots.


Eureka Zenith 65 E is not the quietest burr grinder out there but it’s quieter than most.


Eureka Zenith 65 E consist of LCD display, stepless grind knob and 4 buttons:

  • “Single shot” button: press to select single shot mode.
  • “Double shot” button: press to select double shot mode.
  • ‘’-’’ button: Press to decrease grind time.
  • ‘’+’’ button: Press to increase grind time.

Pressing “-” and “+” buttons simultaneously will lock the settings (you won’t be able to change grind time). To unlock them press both buttons again.


Eureka Zenith 65 E has adjustable chute and portafilter fork. There’s also a light just above the chute that will shine on your portafilter when you grind.

Upper burr can be removed for cleaning without losing your grind setting as it’s adjusted with the bottom one.

Size and weight

Eureka Zenith 65 E is pretty massive in size. With the large 3 pound bean hopper it measures 23.4’’ high, 9.2’’ wide and 10.4’’ deep. It’s pretty heavy too weighing at 26.3 pounds.


Eureka Zenith 65 E is a commercial grade espresso that retails for comparable money of home grinders. It’s a great espresso grinder that can grind very fine with superb consistency

Eureka Zenith 65 E Commercial Espresso Grinder Specifications:

  • Voltage: 110/120V
  • Power: 510W
  • Burr type: 65mm flat hardened steel
  • Burr speed (at no-load): 1,310 RPM
  • Grind speed (claimed): 2.7 to 3.7 grams per second
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 9.2’’ x 10.4’’ x 23.4’’

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