Eureka KRE Commercial Espresso Grinder Review

Eureka OLYMPUS KRE is a commercial grade espresso grinder equipped with 68mm hardened steel conical burrs and 900 watt motor.


Eureka KRE grinds really well for the most part. Grind consistency is as good as you would expect from a commercial grade espresso grinder making up for great tasting coffee rich in flavor.

Another cool thing about Eureka KRE is that it grinds at 330 RPM (significantly slower than Eureka flat burr grinders) which means that burrs don’t heat up much when you grind. You can easily do many back-to-back shots without noticing any heat transfer which is really great for a commercial grinder.

Grind speed is good but it’s not the fastest grinder on the market. It grinds about 5-6 grams per second which is still plenty fast for commercial use.

Eureka KRE isn’t perfect though. There’s quite a bit of retention, more than you see on Eureka grinder with flat burrs. This is not an issue in commercial setting where you grind constantly but for home use you might have to waste some grounds occasionally by dry grinding to get out of the grounds out of the grinds chamber that might go stale.

It’s also not the most consistent when it comes to grind weight output. There’s slightly more grind weight variance than similarly priced Eureka conical burr grinders have. You can expect 0.5 gram variance either way.

There two flaws aren’t a deal breakers though. Overall Eureka KRE grinds really well for the money and despite these two drawbacks the coffee ends up tasting good with rich flavor consistently.


Eureka OLYMPUS KRE has really simple to use controls. It’s equipped with LCD display, stepless grind size adjustment knob and 4 buttons. Two of the buttons are for selecting either single or double shot grinding mode and the other two are for adjusting grind time for selected grinding mode.


Chute and fork (portafilter holder) are adjustable. Eureka KRE is equipped with ACA anti-clump and anti-static system so grounds come out quite fluffy with only tiny clumping.

If you take upper burr for cleaning you won’t lose your grind setting as it’s controlled through the lower burr.


Despite some of the drawbacks Eureka OLYMPUS KRE is a really good commercial espresso grinder for the money. The grind quality is great, there’s essentially zero heat transfer, grind speed is decent and it’s easy to use as well.

Eureka OLYMPUS KRE Commercial Espresso Grinder Specifications:

  • Voltage: 110V
  • Power: 900W
  • Type: 68mm hardened steel conical burrs
  • Burr speed: 330 RPM
  • Bean hopper capacity: 2.2 lb

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