Eureka Helios 80 Commercial Espresso Grinder Review

Eureka Helios 80 commercial espresso grinder equipped with massive 80 millimeter flat steel burrs and very powerful motor with 20A circuit (requires 20 amp outlet to use).


Grind quality is really good for the most part. Grounds come out very consistent however some clumping is possible even though Eureka Helios 80 has built-in clump crusher. That’s the only real complaint though and overall it grinds really well. The output variance is very small too – usually within 0.3 gram range.

Heat transfer also doesn’t seem to be an issue. You will notice some warmth in grounds if you do a lot of back-to-back grinding but they don’t seem to get too warm where it would be an issue.

Eureka Helios 80 a very fast grinder too – a 20 gram double shot takes about 2 seconds to grind.


Eureka Helios 80 is equipped with touch sensitive display that’s intuitive and very responsive. Grind setting is adjusted with stepless micro adjustment knob.

Eureka Helios 80 features programmable dosing which allows you to save 3 different grind time settings. They can be adjusted in 0.05 second increments for up to 30 seconds which is plenty enough considering it grinds ~10 grams per second.

You can also do manual grinding if you desire to.


Both portafilter fork and chute are adjustable. You can even remove the grind chute for cleaning. Eureka Helios 80 has hopper sensor which will turn off the grinder automatically when hopper is removed. Grind size is adjusted with lower burr so you won’t lose your grind setting if you remove the upper burr for cleaning.


Overall Eureka Helios 80 is a really good espresso grinder and even though it’s expensive the price actually isn’t that bad for a burr grinder with 80mm burrs.

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