Eureka Helios 65 Flat Burr Commercial Espresso Grinder Review

Eureka Helios 65 is a commercial grade espresso grinder. It’s equipped with 280 watt motor and 65mm flat hardened steel burrs that grind at 1,370 revolutions per minute.

Eureka is a reputable burr grinder manufacturer so how does Helios 65 fare? Let’s find out!


Just as expected Eureka Helios 65 outputs really good grounds. They are very consistent however they can come out in small clumps which can be easily broken up but it’s a small flaw nonetheless.

When it comes to grinding speed and heat retention it’s becomes apparent that this is indeed a commercial grade coffee grinder. Eureka Helios 65 grinds 20 gram double shot in about 5 and a half seconds which is quite fast for a coffee grinder with 65mm burrs. There is also no noticeable heat transfer to the grounds coffee after continuous grinding.

There’s some retention though. More than you would want for home use but it’s won’t be an issue when used in coffee shop.


You wouldn’t call Eureka Helios 65 quiet but it’s not loud, perhaps even quieter than you would typically expect a burr grinder to be at this price point.


Eureka Helios 65 has a metal housing and since it’s also large in size it’s very heavy making it feel sturdy and well made.


Eureka Helios 65 has touch sensitive display that’s super responsive and easy to use. You have two grinding modes to choose from: manual and time based. When using time based grinding mode time can be adjusted in 0.05 second increments (up to 30 seconds) and it produces consistent weight output as long as you use the same beans. You can also selected to do a single, double or triple shot.

Grind size is adjusted via stepless knob.


Upper burr is easy to be removed for cleaning but the best part is that grind size is regulated with the lower burr so you won’t lose your grind size setting (which can be a bit hard to dial back in with a stepless selector knob).

Chute can also be removed for cleaning.


Bean hopper is ridiculously large and holds 2.66 pounds (1.2 kilograms) of coffee beans. Chute is adjustable in length and angle, portafilter position can be adjusted too.


Overall Eureka Helios 65 is a really nice coffee grinder for its price. Even though it does have some flaws it’s a really great espresso grinder that’s truly commercial grade.

Eureka Helios 65 Flat Burr Commercial Espresso Grinder Specifications:

  • Power: 280W
  • Type: 65mm flat hardened steel burrs
  • RPM (at no-load): 1,370
  • Grinding speed (claimed): 3.5 to 5 grams per second
  • Bean hopper capacity:
  • Colors:
    • Matt black
    • Grey
    • White
    • Red
    • Yellow
    • Chrome
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 8.7’’ x 9.9’’ x 23.7’’ / 220 mm x 250 mm x 600 mm
  • Weight: 26.5 lb / 12 kg

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