Eureka Atom 75 Espresso Grinder Review

Eureka Atom Specialty 75 is a popular home espresso burr grinder with grinding performance similar to that of commercial models. Is Eureka Atom Specialty 75 worth the money and does it possess any significant flaws?

Grinding performance

Grinding performance is truly impressive. Grounds come out very consistent and are fluffy without any clumps. There’s also absolutely no static cling.

Exceptional grinding performance is to be expected at this price point however what makes Eureka Atom Specialty 75 truly great is its other qualities. The level of consistency is what you would normally see on more expensive grinders. The weight variation of grounds output is less than 2% which is negligible. If you are aiming to grind 18 grams you will get anywhere between 17.82 to 18.18 grams of grounds coffee every time.

It also grinds very quietly and super fast (around 3 seconds for a double-shot). Retention is often issue for fast grinding grinders but there’s very little retention with Eureka Atom Specialty 75 (there’s still a little bit of it though). Retention are the grounds coffee that remain in grinding chamber (between bean hopper and opening of chute) after grinding. If they stay for a while there they can become stale and affect flavor of coffee.

If Eureka Atom Specialty 75 offers same performance as commercial burr grinders why is it a grinder for home use? Mostly because its large burrs will heat up if you do consecutive grinds and this might extract flavor of your grounds before brewing. This won’t be an issue for home use but might be if used in a coffee shop where you will have to grind back-to-back. Even with this flaw you might still see Eureka Atom Specialty 75 being used in some places.

Control panel

Eureka Atom Specialty 75 is one of the simplest burr grinders to use. It has easy to read display screen as well 5 buttons. Two of the buttons are for programming grinding time (in 0.05 second increments) and the other 3 are for selecting grinding mode (single shot, double shot or manual). Grind size is adjusted with a stepless knob.


Portafilter is adjustable and removable. Dissembling upper burr is very simple and fast. Since grind size setting is adjusted by repositioning bottom burr you won’t lose your selected grind setting if you decide to clean burrs.


Eureka Atom Specialty 75 is exceptional espresso grinder. It’s very consistent, quiet, grinds fast and has exceptional grind performance. If you want to get the best flavor out of your espresso at home this is the grinder you should get!

Eureka Atom Specialty 75 Espresso Grinder Specifications:

  • Power: 900W
  • Burr type: 75mm hardened steel
  • RPM at no-load: 1400
  • Grind speed (claimed): 4.5 to 5.5 grams/second
  • Hopper capacity: 1400 grams
  • Weight: 21 lb / 9.5 kg
  • Certifications/Safety listings:
    • CE
    • CSA Listed US & Canada
    • CSA Sanitation
    • IC
    • EAC

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