Eureka Atom Specialty 65 Espresso Grinder Review

Eureka Atom Specialty 65 is espresso grinder with 65mm hardened steel flat burrs. It’s one of the more popular high-end burr grinders but is it really that good?


As expected grind quality is superb and in some ways is better than you might expect. Being high-end espresso grinder it’s no surprise that it can grind very fine with amazing consistency, but what’s surprising is that it doesn’t lose as much consistency when you go coarser as you do with other grinders.

It actually works well for brewing methods that require medium grind size (i.e. Drip or Pour over) and even grinding coarse isn’t bad for something like French Press.

With 65mm burrs grind speed is good too. Grinding a 20 gram double-shot takes about 6 seconds.

Eureka Atom Specialty 65 has clump breakers inside the chute that work pretty well for the most part. If you use the very finest settings grounds do come out in clumps but at this point the grind size is on Turkish coffee territory. If you actually dial grind size for espresso there will be very little clumping or none at all.


Eureka Atom Specialty 65 operates pretty quietly for a burr grinder which are typically very loud.


Eureka Atom Specialty 65 has display screen and 5 buttons. There are two grinding modes: manual and time based. When using time based grinding you can adjust grind time in 0.05 second increments.

It also has programmable dosing. You can program both single and double shot grind times.

Grind size is adjusted with a stepless dial which is located on top of the grinder which offers “infinite” amount grind settings. It can be a bit difficult to dial back-in your favorite grind size setting with a stepless dial so you will be delighted to find out that grind size is adjust with lower burr. What this means is that if you take upper burr out for cleaning you won’t lose your grind setting.


Portafilter holder is adjustable in height but isn’t removable like it’s on Eureka Atom Specialty 75.


Eureka Atom Specialty 65 is a great espresso grinder for home use. It grinds well, isn’t loud and is simple to use!

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