Eureka Atom 60 Espresso Grinder Review

Eureka Atom 60 is an espresso grinder equipped with 60mm flat burrs – smallest within the Atom model range but still large for a burr grinder in general. Eureka makes some of the best burr grinders for the money so how does Eureka Atom 60


As you might expect Eureka Atom 60 is exceptional for espresso. It can grind very fine with superb consistency. Works well for filter coffee like Aeropress or Pour over. It can also do for French Press if absolutely necessary but the consistency is not great so this is not really the grinder to get if you drink French Press more often than espresso.

Despite having smallest burrs in Eureka Atom model line-up 60 millimeters is still quite large so it grinds fast. One slight flaw is that there’s a little bit of retention but not much.

Ground output weight consistency is good too partially due to built-in impeller that helps to feed the beans. Variation is within 0.5 grams range either way but usually is less than half of that.

Grinding path is very direct so Eureka Atom 60 burr grinder doesn’t make a mess like some grinders do.


Eureka Atom 60 is one of the quietest burr grinders out there. It won’t disturb anybody in the morning if you decide to make some coffee.


Eureka Atom 60 is one of the simplest burr coffee grinders to use. It has LCD display, stepless grind adjustment knob (on top), “On/Off” switch (bottom right side) and 5 buttons. Two of the buttons are for adjusting grind time in 0.1 seconds increments whereas the other three for selecting grind mode: manual, single shot or double shot.


Just as you would expect from Eureka the Atom 60 is exceptional espresso grinder. The consistency is amazing, grind speed is fast, noise is low and controls are simple and easy to use.

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