Elite Gourmet Platinum EAF-1506D Electric Digital Air Fryer Review

Elite Gourmet Platinum EAF-1506D is an air fryer with 3.5 quart cooking basket. It can cook in temperatures ranging from 149°F to 400°F.


Elite Gourmet Platinum EAF-1506D cooks reasonably well. Most of the stuff you cook comes out tasting great however some foods don’t come out that great (onion rings for example).

Elite Gourmet Platinum EAF-1506D air fryer also has 6 presets: Bake, Meat, Fish, Vegetables, Cheese and French Fries.

Some consumers have complained about burning plastic smell when cooking. This sometimes happens with air fryers due to protective substance on heating elements which eventually burns out. If you experience the burning smell then you can try to cook cut sliced pieces of lemon once or few times until the issue resides.


Control panel is simple to use. There is LCD display that shows time/temperature as well 6 touch-sensitive buttons.


Elite Gourmet Platinum EAF-1506D is not as well made as more expensive models. Some of the parts feel cheap and a bit fragile. Few consumers have complained about the non-stick coating peeling off the cooking basket but the biggest concern is that there are more complaints about reliability than usual for air fryers. Some consumers have reported their unit failing after usually ~6 months of use.


There are better air fryers available for similar money.

Elite Gourmet Platinum EAF-1506D 3.5QT Electric Digital Hot Air Fryer Specifications:

  • Temperature range: 149°F to 400°F
  • Capacity: 3.5 quarts
  • Timer: up to 60 minutes
  • Presets:
    • Bake
    • Meat
    • Fish
    • Vegetables
    • Cheese
    • French Fries

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