EGO Power+ CS1600 16-Inch 56V Cordless Chainsaw Review

EGO Power+ CS1600 56V is electric chainsaw that’s in the middle of EGO POWER+ lineup of 3 chainsaws – it’s smaller and less powerful than CS1800 but bigger than CS1400.

EGO Power+ CS1600 features 16-inch Oregon bar and chain, runs on batteries and is powered by brushless motor that can do up to 6,800 RPM.

So how good is the most popular chainsaw made by EGO Power+?

Cutting performance

EGO Power+ CS1600 56V is pretty powerful but it does cut slower than similar sized gas chainsaws – difference isn’t significant but definitely noticeable. Still the performance is pretty impressive for battery powered chainsaw and sufficient for most homeowners.

It excels at limbing, sectioning and downing trees of diameter up to 12 inches. If you do come across oak that’s 20-24 inches thick you aren’t completely hopeless as it can down one reasonably well too however this probably isn’t the chainsaw you should get exclusively for jobs like that.


EGO Power+ CS1600 56V has tool-less chain tensioning system. It’s simple to use. Some consumers have had issues with chain falling off though, if that happens to you can try to leave chain a bit looser and/or try to cut straight – see what works and what not and adjust respectively.

It also has automatic oiler which is pretty much expected from any modern chainsaw. There are some oil related flaws though. First, the oil leaks when you store your chainsaw – this is why manual recommends you dump it after use. Second, it seems to use more oil than chainsaws usually do. Third, it’s a bit difficult to add oil than you might be used to for two reasons – oil fill spout is a bit narrow and it’s hard to see when oil is close to overflowing.

Other features include chain kickback brake, double guard bar and narrow-kerf sprocket nose.


Battery life depends on multiple factors including what and how you are cutting as well what kind of battery you use. It seems like this chainsaw was designed with 5Ah battery in mind as it seems to be most balanced with it. You can generally expect 5Ah battery to last for at least 1 hour on full charge.

In some cases it would be advisable to get 7.5Ah battery instead and/or get two of them (so when one runs out of juice you can charge it while you use the other one).


EGO Power+ CS1600 56V is shipped with bar and chain already attached – all you have to do is tension the chain and add chain oil (it not included so you have to purchase chain oil separately).

Why electric chainsaw over gas?

Why would you choose electric chainsaw over gas one? Well if you have come across this article you probably already know why but in case you don’t electric chainsaws do have some advantages over gas ones.

Electric chainsaws start immediately and without any effort – you don’t have to exhaust yourself by pulling starter rope many times until your unit finally fires up. They are also usually significantly less noisy than gas chainsaws (and EGO Power+ CS1600 56V no exception). They require less maintenance, i.e. no mixing oil with gas or tune ups. They are even healthier to use since you don’t breath any fumes!

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EGO Power+ CS1600 56V is a pretty good electric chainsaw, better than most for sure, however it’s not quite among the very best – it’s a bit finicky in some ways and doesn’t cut as well as the very best electric chainsaws (but it isn’t far off).

EGO Power+ CS1600 16-Inch 56V Cordless Chainsaw Details/Specs:

  • Type: Electric (battery powered)
  • Motor: Brushless (56V)
  • Max RPM: 6,800
  • Bar length: 16”
  • Guide bar: Oregon 144MLEA041
  • Chain: Oregon 90PX052X
  • Chain pitch: 3/8”
  • Chain gauge: 0.043”
  • Chain oil tank capacity: 5 oz. (150 ml)
  • Weight (without battery): 8.29 lbs

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