Best EdgeStar Wine Coolers (2023 Review)

With EdgeStar making countless models of wine coolers it can be difficult to understand which is the right one for you. In this article you will find which four EdgeStar wine coolers are the best, whether they meet your requirements and how good or bad they really are.

#1 EdgeStar CWF380DZ

EdgeStar CWF380DZ is a dual zone wine cooler with 38 bottle capacity. In reality you probably won’t be able to fit that many as the claimed capacity is based on standard sized 750ml 2.75″ Bordeaux bottles but you can expect it to hold 20-30 bottles of different sized and shaped.

Upper temperature zone features 2 shelves whereas bottom one – 4. In both zones temperature can be adjusted from 40°F to 65°F whereas most other dual zone wine coolers have different temperatures ranges for each zone.

Temperatures seem to be accurate and constant. With that being said there might be some occasional temperature fluctuations as this is a pretty inexpensive wine cooler and doesn’t feature front venting but for the money performance is great.

Control panel

Each temperature zone has its own separate LCD Display and buttons for temperature adjustment. There are also 4 other buttons:

  • “Power” button: Hold for 3 seconds to turn wine cooler on or off.
  • “Leaf” button: Hold for 3 seconds to enter energy saving mode (will turn off all lights and LCD display).
  • “Light” button: Press to turn interior light on or off.
  • “°C/°F” button: Hold for 3 seconds to change temperature scale (Celsius or Fahrenheit).


EdgeStar CWF380DZ features UV-blocking tinted front glass and lockable door with reversible door hinge.


  • Voltage/Frequency:AC 115V~60Hz
  • Amperage: 1.5 A
  • Input power: 120W
  • Refrigerant: 1.06 oz. R600a


EdgeStar CWF380DZ wine cooler measures 19.375 inches wide by 23 inches deep (24.875” including hande) by 32.875 inches high.


When you receive your EdgeStar CWF380DZ you should let it stand for 24 hours to allow coolant fluids to settle in (this should be done with pretty much any wine cooler) to prevent damaging compressor.

Since this model doesn’t have front vent it should be used only for freestanding application. It requires 5 inch clearance at the back and 3 inch clearance on both sides and top.


All things considered EdgeStar CWF380DZ will be the best wine cooler for most consumers. It’s not too expensive yet holds plenty of bottles and can keep them at different temperatures too which can be vital if you own different types of wine.

#2 EdgeStar CWR532SZ 24-Inch Wide 53-Bottle Undercounter/Built-in Wine Cooler

EdgeStar CWR532SZ is a compressor cooled single zone wine cooler. It’s equipped with front venting which allows it to be used for either undercounter/built-in or freestanding application.

Temperature inside EdgeStar CWR532SZ wine cooler can be set from 40°F to 65°F. It can hold up to 53 bottles of wine but as always the actual holding capacity depends on size and shape of your bottles.

Seems to hold temperature well for the most part so no complaints performance wise.

Control panel

Control panel of EdgeStar CWR532SZ features LCD displays (shows selected not actual temperature inside the wine cooler), 3 indicator lights (“Run”, ‘’°C’’’ and ‘’°F’’) and 4 buttons: two for temperature adjustments, one for turning inner light on/off and the last on for turning wine cooler on or off.


EdgeStar CWR532SZ features lockable door and built-in carbon filter.


EdgeStar CWR532SZ wine refrigerator measures 23.5 inches wide by 22.5 inches deep (without handle) and 33.5 inches high. For built-in purposes be aware that this wine cooler requires at least 1-2 inches of clearance at the back, 0.25 inches at the top and both sides.


If you need slightly larger wine cooler than average then EdgeStar CWR532SZ is worth consideration.

#3 EdgeStar CWR70SZ 6-Inch 7 Bottle Built-In Wine Cooler

EdgeStar CWR70SZ is a compact wine cooler that can be built-in and hold 7 bottles of wine. It can keep your wine in temperatures ranging from 40°F to 65°F.

So how does well does it work? Reasonably well but it’s not perfect. Temperatures can fluctuate by few degrees, in some cases by up to 5 degrees. It could also be deeper as particularly long bottles might not fit inside.

Control panel

EdgeStar CWR70SZ might have the most simple control panel you will ever see on wine cooler. It features LCD display shows temperature inside the chamber and two buttons: “Set” (cycles through temperatures settings in 1 degree increments) and “Lamp” (turns interior light on or off).

If you want to see selected temperature setting hold “Set” button for 3 seconds.


EdgeStar CWR70SZ features UV-resistant glass, blue LED interior lights, front venting (which allows it to be built-in) as well stainless steel frame and door handle.

Size and weight

EdgeStar CWR70SZ wine cooler weighs 42 pounds (19 kilograms) measures 5.88 inches wide by 18.63 inches deep (exlcuding handle) by 34.38 inches high.


  • Voltage/Frequency: AC 115V~60Hz
  • Amperage: 1.2A
  • Input Power: 90W
  • Refrigerant: R600a, 0.56 oz.


EdgeStar CWR70SZ is a bit expensive for the capacity it offers but it’s compact and a great design piece.

#4 EdgeStar CWF440SZ 20-Inch Wine Cooler

EdgeStar CWF440SZ is a single zone wine cooler equipped with R600a refrigerant. It can hold up to 44 bottles of wine in temperature ranging from 40°F to 65°F. Actual capacity depends on the size of bottles as 44 bottle figure is based on standard sized 750ml 2.75″ Bordeaux bottles. Bigger bottles, especially the longer ones might not fit at all.

Temperature does fluctuate but usually only by couple degrees even though at times it can be more than that. It can also be a bit noisy at times due to fan which runs quite often.

Control panel

EdgeStar CWF440SZ is equipped with LCD display (shows selected temperature setting), 2 indicator lights (shows which temperature scale is used, either Fahrenheit or Celsius) and 4 buttons:

  • “Up” button: Press to increase inside temperature in 1 degree increments.
  • “Down” button: Press to decrease inside temperature in 1 degree increments.
  • ‘’Light’’ button: Press to turn interior light on or off.
  • ‘’Power’’ button: Hold for 3 seconds to turn wine cooler on or off.

To switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit temperature scales simultaneously hold “Up” and “Down” buttons for about 3 seconds


EdgeStar CWF440SZ comes with 2 keys for door which is lockable. Door handle is reversible.

Size and weight

EdgeStar CWF440SZ wine cooler weighs 88 lb (40 kg) and measures 19.375 inches wide by 24.875 inches deep by 32.875 inches high. It doesn’t have front venting so it cannot be used for built-in application. It requires 5.3125 inches (59 mm) of free space on back and both sides for ventilation.


EdgeStar CWF440SZ isn’t the best wine cooler in the world but it’s a decent unit nonetheless.

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