Edenbrook Bayview L-Shape Rattan Sofa Patio Furniture Review

Edenbrook Bayview L-Shape Sofa is made of eco-friendly rattan.

Edenbrook Bayview L-Shape Rattan Sofa

Edenbrook Bayview L-Shape Sofa is pretty small. It sits pretty low to the ground and back support is not very tall.

Comfort wise it’s average/mediocre. You certainly can’t say it’s uncomfortable to sit on (unless you are tall) but it won’t be the most comfortable sofa you have sat on by far. The cushions are not the most comfortable either but they are not terrible. You can replace them with thicker ones if you find them too thin.

Edenbrook Bayview L-Shape Sofa seats 2 people fairly comfortably. For 3 people it’s a bit of a tight fit. Keep in mind it’s designed to support 500 pounds.


Edenbrook Bayview L-Shape Sofa measures 74 inches long, 49 inches wide and 29 inches tall.


You can assemble it in about 30 minutes and it’s fairly simple process.


Edenbrook Bayview L-Shape rattan sofa is a mediocre product but it’s quite affordable. Value for money isn’t bad but it does feel slightly overpriced. Overall it can be a decent but not a great sofa if you aren’t tall and want something affordable.

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