Duxtop 9620LS/BT-350DZ 1800W LCD Portable Double Induction Cooktop Review

Duxtop 9620LS (also sold as Duxtop BT-350DZ) is portable double induction cooktop with adjustable temperature and 1800 watt power supply. It’s compatible with magnetic cookware that’s at least 5 inches in diameter.

Duxtop 9620LS/BT-350DZ 1800W LCD Portable Double Induction Cooktop

Duxtop 9620LS/BT-350DZ works just like other induction cooktop – it heats up very fast and cooks just fine. Heat distribution seems even so there’s nothing to complain about how this model cooks.

Left burner has 20 different power levels (100 to 1800 watts) and 20 temperature settings (100°F to 460°F) while the right burner has 10 power levels (up to 1000 watts) and 10 temperature settings.

There are some nuances though. The power is distributed between the two burners (just like with most countertop cooktops with 2 burners). What this means is that the 1800 watt power supply cap is combined across both burners. For example if you use 1000 watts with the left burner you can’t use more than 800 watts with the right one.

Same applies to temperature. If the left burner is set at 460°F the temperature setting will decrease as you start increasing the temperature on the right burner. You can still cook on both just fine in most situations however in some niche situations like boiling two pots of water you won’t be able to get hot enough temperatures on both burners simultaneously.


Duxtop 9620LS/BT-350DZ is equipped with a fan and yes, it’s a bit noisy. It’s however not as noisy as range hood so if you use one you won’t even notice the fan.

Advantages of Induction Cooktops

Induction cooktops have two advantages: they are more energy efficient and heat up a lot faster.

The disadvantage is that they will only work with magnetic cookware like cast iron, iron, steel and enameled iron cookware. Easy way to check out if cookware is compatible is to attach magnetic to the bottom – if it sticks then it will work with induction cooktop.

Control panel

Duxtop 9620LS/BT-350DZ has sloped control panel with LCD display and touch sensitive controls. Each burner has its own set of controls which makes it more convenient to use. Each set of controls features LCD display and 8 touch-sensitive buttons: “On/Off”, ”Menu”, ”-“, “+”, “Boil”, “Keep Warm”, “Timer” and “Lock”.

You can setup timer on each burner individually for up to 10 hours. You can also ‘’lock’’ the control panel so no one accidentally tampers with the settings.

Other Features

Duxtop 9620LS/BT-350DZ has non-stick glass surface which makes it fairly easy to clean.


Duxtop 9620LS/BT-350DZ portable induction cooktop measures 23.9 inches in width, 14.2 inches in depth and 2.4 inches in height.


Duxtop 9620LS/BT-350DZ works well and has some nice features. For some consumers it might be an issue that you can draw at most 1800 watts combined across both burners simultaneously but in reality this limitation will almost never affect you unless your cooking habits are a bit unusual.

Duxtop 9620LS/BT-350DZ 1800W LCD Portable Double Induction Cooktop Specifications:

  • Voltage/Frequency: 120V/60Hz
  • Amperage: 15 Amp
  • Power: 1800W
  • Power Range:
    • Left Burner: 100W to 1800W
    • Right Burner: 100W to 1000W
  • Temperature range: 100°F to 460°F
  • Minimum cookware diameter: 5’’ inches
  • Weight capacity: 25 lb
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 23.9’’ x 14.2’’ x 2.4’’
  • Weight: 12.48 lb

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